Last Night Home

I’m excited, but I’m also afraid… mostly because I’ve been a bad luck magnet this year and I’m going on a plane over the ocean.

My friend in Shanghai may be meeting me at the airport, so that will be nice, and he’s going to try getting me a phone, one less thing for me to worry about.

I think the thing I’m mostly apprehensive about is leaving my baby for 2 weeks. That will be the hardest thing for me, I don’t think I will be able to sleep without her.

Other than that, I’ve got everything packed up again, always feeling like I forgot something. Bought my VPN, packed clothes, cameras, essentials, etc. I think I’m good. But you know how it is when you travel somewhere or try to pack for something, it always feels like you’re forgetting something.

The flight is going to be interesting for me anyways, because I’m a smoker. The airline I’m going on doesn’t allow e-cigarettes, so that’s out of the question. But it’s ok. I’m going to try to sleep as much as I can on the flight anyways, because I really don’t want jetlag!

I should probably be going to bed right now, I have to get up early and make sure I have everything. Then around 8:30 I’m going to try to be at the airport for check-in. I’m not too worried about getting through security, but I guess better to be early and be safe about not missing my flight right? I figure Cou got through LA security pretty fast, Phoenix should be easy compared to that. I’m going to milk any time I have left with my kids as much as possible.

I’ll try to update with vlogs, but Cou hasn’t had luck with internets in China, so I’m not going to be too anal about it, just in case. If anything we’ll have a ton of videos up when we get back.


It’s Been A While

And there’s not really a lot to talk about.

Z is 6 months old, S is 3 months away from turning 5, and I’ve just been working on trying to get him ready for kindergarten. He can almost count to 20, write his name, recognise numbers and letters, match, find differences, do math with picture problems.

I think he’s pretty much ready. Now I just have to decide whether he’s going to go to school or not. He really wants to, so I’ve been looking at Montessori schools because there’s no way in Hell I’ll put him in a regular public school. I don’t know what we’re going to do after 6th grade (that’s all that the Montessori schools around here go to.).

I never knew how stressful it would be just making a decision about what kind of education my kids would have.

I always knew I would never put my child in an Arizona public school though.


Finally Did It! (Explicit language)

I sent my friend a text message yesterday saying that after this week I won’t watch her kids anymore.

However, I don’t think she took me very seriously seeing as how she reminded me tonight that starting next week she’ll no longer have Tuesdays off of work. *facepalm*
Her little brats were worse than ever, even after her threatening them before she left for work this morning. What kind of children destroy an entire string of Christmas lights by ripping off the bulbs or smashing them to bits!? Needless to say, we can no longer go in our own backyard barefoot anymore! I fucking hate them. Not to mention, that shit costs money! I don’t even feed the little fuckers anymore because they ate all of the food their mom brought over, and I refuse to feed them my food or else we’ll have a completely empty fridge like last week. Depressing.

Nothing to make you completely hate children that aren’t yours than by watching other peoples’ little brats.



If she shows up at my door next Monday, I’m not going to answer the fucking door….Yeah right.

I hate being such a pussy ass doormat.

Barbie Controversy?

I don’t normally pay any heed to things that go around the blogosphere or whatever groups people have created online to take up their time, but is something like Barbie really that big of a deal? I just read the newest post at my favorite blog, BauHauswife about the fights women will get into for or against Barbie dolls. And while we don’t have the same opinions, I would never argue or fight about something so ridiculous! Do women really have that much of no life? Shouldn’t you be watching your kids, working, cleaning the house, or something? Something besides fighting over BARBIE!? 

Well, here’s my stance on the subject while I’m waiting for the girls to be dropped off, after I cleaned the living-room. 😉

I grew up with Barbie and I’m definitely not bulimic, anorexic, or have a screwed up sense of what beautiful is. Barbies are f-ing retarded-looking! (Yes, I still use the ‘non PC’ version of the word “retarded” that is used to refer to stupid things.) Barbies aren’t supposed to be proportionate, THEY’RE DOLLS. No one goes around whining that the Lalapalooza dolls are going to make people want huge heads or Anime eyes. People TOTALLY want anime eyes. And those so-called “real life Barbie” girls online? Look nothing like barbie, but their heads are so big, maybe a little more like those Monster High dolls. Whose bodies are way worse than Barbie in comparison to making girls want to look like them. I’ve never seen anyone dress up like barbie for Halloween, but Monster High was everywhere this year making 8 year olds look 16.

What about Bratz? Their look is more unattainable than both Monster High and Barbie dolls. Let’s all have tiny bodies and gigantic heads!! 

Out of the three, Barbie is the most realistic of them all, and not the most attractive because kids these days don’t want to be clean-cut suburban people, they want to have awesome hair and fun clothes. They want the punk boyfriend who will probably get you arrested, not the jock-looking Ken-type who’s on the football team.


So why am I writing this?

Because who gives a damn what kind of DOLL a kid is going to play with? If they’re old enough to compare their bodies to a fake plastic TOY then they’re too old to play with dolls at all and they need a lot more mental help than can be attained by banning Barbies. I also think if your daughters are already attaining unreasonable body images as ideal, then you’re not doing your job of parenting, kind of like people who drop their kids in front of a TV instead of being a parent. *cough cough*my in-laws*cough cough* 😉


Now if you want to hear what I think about BOYS playing with dolls, it will be a whole different ranting. But while I don’t believe that boys should play with Barbies, I’ve never said so and my son would much rather play with boy toys. I offered him a pink doll or something once and he was like NO THAT’S A GIRL TOY. Which kind of says something about the human mind, since commercials and people nowadays advertise all toys as unisex now. 

The toy aisles in the store still divide, but we actually don’t go to the toy sections, ever. All of my son’s toys have been gifts rather than him going down the aisles and picking stuff.

Operation Christmas – Lights!!

I got a few decorations up, lights in the front window, garland/wreath lights inside, lights on the balcony facing the street…


It’s not a lot, but it is a start to getting the house ready for the holidays. Now I need to make a decision about getting rid of our older sofa in order to make space in the living room for the tree in front of the window. It’s kind of a hard thing to decide because it was the first couch we bought together, it’s a vintage custom 70’s sofa that the previous owner sent off for from the east coast, and I really like it, it’s comfortable! Our newer couch is the same type of velour-ish stuff, and probably made in about the same year, but it’s harder than our original sofa and I guess I just can’t compare it to our original because it doesn’t have the same history. I’m attached to the old one. Heh… Material things you put emotion in right? My son peed on that couch during potty training! (Of course it’s been washed, which is why two of the cushion-covers shrunk, ha!)


it’s not perfect, but it’s kind of pretty 😉

Operation Christmas – Underway!

Welcome to the first day of December 2013. Today is the first day I start the decorating process for Christmas, and if you’re lucky I’ll make a batch of cookies. I make bomb chocolate chip cookies with dark chocolate chips and coconut oil.

We really don’t do a lot for Christmas.  A “Big Christmas” for me is just being able to be with my family. It’s not really about presents, it’s about the season and spending quality time with loved ones. So my kids don’t get a lot of gifts in comparison with other people’s extravagant affairs and entire toy-boxes worth of toys each year.

I decorate, make sure we always have a REAL tree, make cookies, and buy a few presents.
My child might act spoiled, but in reality we rarely buy him anything materialistic, and his room full of toys is from the 5 years his life has spanned over. (This is S’ 5th Christmas) which is still off-limits to him right now from the crap he tried pulling all last month with his crappy attitude.

Christmas for our family, is BASED ON THE FAMILY. The best part of Christmas for me is having both of my parents at the same time, cooking the family dinner, and spending a day or two all together. We got S maybe 8 things, 4-6 toys and 2 movies, and Z we got 5 toys, 3 of which are basically stocking stuffers, like a teether rattle.

Z’s second tooth came in last week, and then we got over our 2 days stomach bug/food poisoning from my mother-in-law’s mashed potatoes, which SUCKED. Never eat that woman’s food, not even to be polite. Eugh.

Now I just need to decorate the house, in a couple of weeks we’ll go get a tree… and ALL SET FOR CHRISTMAS!

Oh, and I got a cute idea for a school project from the decorations at 7-11 that we can make from construction paper. Keep checking back!

Crazy Crazy Lady

These kids are driving me up a wall!

I’ve said it before, nothing makes me realise how wonderful my son is until I have to take care or interact with other peoples’ children. My son is a saint! HAHAHA.

But in all seriousness.

I’m so beyond sick of my friend’s kids it’s impossible to even fathom how much restraint I have put upon myself in order to not throw things against the wall or hurt something. That might sound harsh to some people… especially the “all children are god’s gifts” sort of people… However, I’m not one of those people.. I’m also not one of the “all babies are cute” people, come on, seriously, some babies just looks like aliens, oompa loompas, goblins, and various kinds of ugly animals. That’s besides the point right now though. These little girls… mainly the older one – STRAIGHT OUT OF HELL. I basically hide in various parts of my house so I don’t have to deal with them. On Friday and Saturday I got 3 months’ worth of laundry (mainly blankets and towels) done because I was hiding in the laundry room!!! Well, needless to say, my husband is ecstatic! (haha) 😉

I won’t be watching them much longer, especially not for the amount that I imagine my friend will be paying me, which supposedly she doesn’t get paid until the 5th of December.
Seriously? Do people actually go that long in between checks?
I’ve never heard of it. I have a slight inkling that I won’t really be getting anything out of this babysitting gig and that it’s all for naught.

The thing I DO like about babysitting, is that it’s made homeschooling a lot more fun, during the morning, from about 10-1 I do school with my son and the middle girl, A. They’re both 4 (I think S is about 6 months older), so I just make doubles of all the worksheets we work on for the day and we try to get one project done per day. The kids kind of compete, so I think it makes school more fun for both of them since little kids are sociopaths and like to show off how awesome they are.

But the older one? Yeah, I’m going to have to get up the guts sometime to tell her mom, “I can watch the younger two, no problem,” but she’s going to have to figure out something for the BRAT. I’m so FREAKING TIRED OF HER BS!