Tax Time!

So as a poor person, tax time is pretty much the only time we ever have any extra spending or saving money.
We were thinking of buying a house, but since the market sucks right now, there’s nothing we can afford that’s livable.
So, spending money it is!

A friend and I have decided to take a trip to China in June. I’ve already talked it over with my mother for babysitting, and since the money came in as a nice Valentine’s Day present, I just bought a (nice) camera to Vlog, Blog, and take pictures of the trip (but probably more-so to take awesome pictures and video of my kids, because 1000 pictures in like 2 months is never enough 😉 ) so my family – husband, mom and the kids – can “go to China” with me, since obviously we don’t have (and probably never will have) enough for all of us to go, and I’ve been studying Chinese and about China for the past 3 years. I’ve never been anywhere, so it’s kind of a big important deal for me, I feel like if I don’t take the chance now, I never will.

Plus a vacation from life would really be nice!

Update on homeschooling:
S is doing really well with his school studies, and I recently did an assessment and he’s at the equivalent of almost knowing enough to have already “graduated” from Kindergarten! I really need to work on giving him more credit than I do. When it comes to schooling, I pretty much verge on the line of Tiger Mom (Google it for reference). I really have an amazingly smart kid.


It’s Been A While

And there’s not really a lot to talk about.

Z is 6 months old, S is 3 months away from turning 5, and I’ve just been working on trying to get him ready for kindergarten. He can almost count to 20, write his name, recognise numbers and letters, match, find differences, do math with picture problems.

I think he’s pretty much ready. Now I just have to decide whether he’s going to go to school or not. He really wants to, so I’ve been looking at Montessori schools because there’s no way in Hell I’ll put him in a regular public school. I don’t know what we’re going to do after 6th grade (that’s all that the Montessori schools around here go to.).

I never knew how stressful it would be just making a decision about what kind of education my kids would have.

I always knew I would never put my child in an Arizona public school though.


Welcome to the New Year

So it’s about mid-January now, that means people have already made and given up on their New Year’s Resolutions.

Here, we’re just trying to get out of the Holiday-mode and get back into the swing of normal life until next fall and winter.

Z is 5 months old now, sitting up and trying her hardest to crawl already. S is more mouthy and annoying than ever… I guess you’re not really supposed to talk about your kids like that, but I’m an honest person and people should know about the reality of parenting, the sugar-coating that most people layer on top of it in order to make people less afraid of becoming parents. I can’t believe he’s going to be 5 in a few months! That being said, I can’t believe I’m going to be 25. I already make fun of O for almost being 30… Now I feel like I’m almost there and my life really is over.

I’m still trying to talk O into getting the snip. I don’t think he understands that I’m serious and that I don’t want anymore kids. Come on, honestly, I had come to the conclusion before meeting O that the only kids I would ever have is if the guy I ended up with already had kids. Well, plans never end up how they’re supposed to, I was supposed to go to Sacramento and go to college and lead a normal young people life… a child-free life. HAHAHA. I honestly wasn’t made for being a mother, it’s kind of just something that happened and now I’m one of those anal, overprotective, crunchy granola, hippy-type parents. When Obama was re-elected I CRIED and CRIED. I was just 1 month pregnant and this was not the world I wanted to bring a baby into, I started looking into countries that let Americans immigrate really easily.. Ecuador is still on my list for places to move. Now my focus is kind of on buying as many guns as possible to protect my babies from ObamaSo, from TOTAL FEAR and regret of bringing a child into the world in this country, to “How can I keep my babies safe when the shit blows up?” In reality, my biggest regret in life is being born American – because there’s literally no where I can go to run away from here. That doesn’t mean I’m not full-red-blooded patriotic… I just don’t want to be stuck with a psycho like Obama.

Alright, enough of my rantings…

It’s a New Year. I already talked about my plan to buy guns… I also want to buy a baby carrier. A Shiny Star Designs baby carrier. This is about $200-$300 folks… Wayyyy out of our normal price range for anything. I probably won’t get one, but I really really want one. I’m still paranoid about wearing Z on my back anyways… People always think they’re allowed to touch her and look at her. I’m totally overprotective: Don’t even gaze your eyeball on my baby, bitch.
Oh and I want to get an SUV/Crossover thingy that has third row seating. That way we have room to drive people in one car, or we can put stuff in our car when we move instead of taking a million trips..we could cut it down by half… Honestly, it’s jut impossible to find something where you can fit 2 god damn car seats and possibly be able to take one other person with you. I squish my fat ass into the back seat and let the extra person, whichever of my parents is going, take the front passenger seat. At this rate, we’re never going to get rid of O’s car or my old Honda. I would like to keep my blue car for everyday O’s work, good gas milage, and have the SUV for other shit or when we need room for more people… I’ll probably never get to have one.

Now that it is the New Year, I need to get back on track with homeschooling S. I’ve also decided that I probably can’t handle homeschooling him past preschool, so I’m hoping to find a good Montessori school for him to go to. We’ve already decided on one here and picked one where my mom lives, just in case we move up there to save money. S is really excited to go to “real school”. I’m excited just to get him out of the house. However, I wish they had afternoon half-days instead of morning classes no-matter whether you pick a full or half day. So he’ll probably go for the full day since a half day would just be morning. I wanted the late start though… Apparently they don’t do that in Arizona. I hate mornings…. and getting up. That’s why I missed half of the school days throughout my entire childhood!

Anyways, got to get off of here, life duties are calling me!

Crazy Crazy Lady

These kids are driving me up a wall!

I’ve said it before, nothing makes me realise how wonderful my son is until I have to take care or interact with other peoples’ children. My son is a saint! HAHAHA.

But in all seriousness.

I’m so beyond sick of my friend’s kids it’s impossible to even fathom how much restraint I have put upon myself in order to not throw things against the wall or hurt something. That might sound harsh to some people… especially the “all children are god’s gifts” sort of people… However, I’m not one of those people.. I’m also not one of the “all babies are cute” people, come on, seriously, some babies just looks like aliens, oompa loompas, goblins, and various kinds of ugly animals. That’s besides the point right now though. These little girls… mainly the older one – STRAIGHT OUT OF HELL. I basically hide in various parts of my house so I don’t have to deal with them. On Friday and Saturday I got 3 months’ worth of laundry (mainly blankets and towels) done because I was hiding in the laundry room!!! Well, needless to say, my husband is ecstatic! (haha) 😉

I won’t be watching them much longer, especially not for the amount that I imagine my friend will be paying me, which supposedly she doesn’t get paid until the 5th of December.
Seriously? Do people actually go that long in between checks?
I’ve never heard of it. I have a slight inkling that I won’t really be getting anything out of this babysitting gig and that it’s all for naught.

The thing I DO like about babysitting, is that it’s made homeschooling a lot more fun, during the morning, from about 10-1 I do school with my son and the middle girl, A. They’re both 4 (I think S is about 6 months older), so I just make doubles of all the worksheets we work on for the day and we try to get one project done per day. The kids kind of compete, so I think it makes school more fun for both of them since little kids are sociopaths and like to show off how awesome they are.

But the older one? Yeah, I’m going to have to get up the guts sometime to tell her mom, “I can watch the younger two, no problem,” but she’s going to have to figure out something for the BRAT. I’m so FREAKING TIRED OF HER BS!

And then there were scarecrows!


That’s right, we made popsicle stick scarecrows today, and a photo-project with lots of colorful balloons.

I had S practice his scissor skills with worksheets that have lines going to a picture. I had planned on him making a snowman with cotton balls, but he wasn’t a very nice boy today and spent a ton of time in time out. I found a cool site, although I forgot it by now, where you can generate your own handwriting practice sheets with whatever you want them to say. So I made some with S’ name so he can get the hang of writing his two constantly backwards letters. It’s really starting to worry me, honestly, like he actually sees them backwards or something? He did it right the very first time, but since then, his S’s have turned into 2’s.

Oh well, we’ll see what happens.

Overall, it wasn’t too bad of a day, maybe not everything I wanted to accomplish was done, but more than we usually do!

Back and Forth About Homeschooling

My Back and Forth Thoughts On Homeschooling.

Anything having to do with Obama. Or that people say have to do with Obama? I don’t really keep up with these things…
My number one concern is this ‘Common Core’ thing that is being made into the entire country’s curriculum. Kids are being sent home with pornographic novels and math problems that make absolutely no sense. (Google it! Pissed parents blog you know!) We thought America couldn’t get any stupider? Enter socialist schooling. Making our children mindless idiotic zombies, cut from a cookie-cutter mold most likely in the view of voting for a certain party… Like a mini-college!
Did I Mention the Cookie Cutter?
I’m not a big fan of my kids being turned into whatever society wants them to be. I’m rather proud that my son has turquoise or green hair at any given time, because that’s what he wants. He’s 4 years old, can count to…roughly 15. Knows at least 10 alphabet letters… But he prefers to be outside playing, naked, destroying my plants because he likes picking peppers. And I support that. Like I want to wake up at 6am, attempt to wake him, dress him, and drag him to a preschool that’s nothing but glorified babysitting. Oh, with a dress code that frowns upon green hair and dressing yourself in whatever you feel like wearing the day. I’m a mom. Its my job. I don’t need a babysitter. My son wants to be naked with green hair, when he’s not naked he’s wearing a giant purple skateboarding shirt with no pants or underwear and his bright blue Crocs galoshes. That’s what he’s going to do. Stop asking him when he’s starting preschool, the answer is never, I don’t give a flying fuck about your ‘social norms’.
I Like The Idea of Letting Them Choose Their Paths.
I was just reading about the Harding family.. They have like 10 kids (don’t quote me, I’m paraphrasing) and have homeschooled them all. Each of their kids has gone on to start college at 12 and have their (first) degree by 17 years old. The parents say that all they have to do is say it’s not fun anymore and they’ll find something else to do/focus on. – I LOVE THIS. If you aren’t passionate about what you choose to do with your life, how are you going to talk yourself into getting up and going to work everyday? It’s the main reason my husband works as a low-paid cook. He loves food and he loves working in the kitchen. However, no matter what I say he won’t go to chef school because chefs tend to be snobs, (ex: “Why do you get paid more and are chosen for manager, I went to school for this!” Says recent culinary graduate when she’s passed up because my husband has actual work experience vs. ‘schooling’) I think with his experience, plus school he would be unstoppable. 🙂 I want this to be the way for my kids. Real life, passion, and school. Making them unstoppable in the future when looking for work!
Who wants to be cooped up in a room with a bunch of bratty kids and a teacher who half the time doesn’t understand that if you don’t make things interesting, people won’t learn? I did my best when I was in school but working at my own pace, choosing the classes I was interested in personally. I needed to be held accountable for actually getting the work done, but I had to do things that A. I was actually learning something (I hadn’t learned anything since 6th grade after moving to AZ for 8-12th) and B. Subjects I was interested in: mainly History and Math. Learning was fun after that and I finished my 3 years of high school (I quit school a lot from boredom) in one year, top 5% of my class, all As and B’s in everything instead of the D’s in choir and drama I didn’t care about in my freshman year at normal high school. Fun makes SOOO much difference in a learning environment.

The Conclusion?
I go back and forth daily whether or not to homeschool my 4 year old. Which technically we’re already doing, as parents, in the first place. By home school, I mean UnSchool. Learning from everyday life and experiences. Counting flowers or birds or money at the grocery store. Writing letters to people. Reading books. Feeding pets. Playing games, singing songs, and even watching TV sometimes. (My son loves Sid The Science Kid and will now tell me just about anything going bad is “decay mommy, its called DECAY!” It also helps get him to brush his teeth more often!) Sometimes I get annoyed, thinking he’s not ever going to learn anything, because I was taught that school is everything, knowing your numbers and letters are the most important thing in the world… Then i have to remind myself: He’s FOUR. (And a boy, lol.) I should just feel lucky he wants lots of bedtime stories and will count with me to 二十 (20 in Chinese).
I haven’t made a definite decision on whether or not I’ll home school. I don’t like the idea that even though I’m homeschooling I have to “check in” with the local school district and update them on his progress, make him take their tests and all that. I don’t like that in order to feel safe I’m supposed to spend money for a HSLDA (or whatever the initials are) to feel safe in my decision to home school so I can avoid persecution and prosecution by the state/government. That shouldn’t have any business in my child’s studies in the first place. We’re not a communist country. I’m not really sure government schools are constitutionally legal in the USA actually… (Sounds kind of like a ploy to me. But I’m very anti-government, anti-big-government since the whole Obama being elected thing, especially the second time. I have no doubt he’ll figure out a way to bypass the whole “presidents only get elected to office twice” and become a dictator. Its possible after all. Think Hitler. The people originally voted for him too.)
Anyways. I’m afraid of ‘my’ government. I feel like even though China is ‘communist,’ that people have more freedom that most Americans. Or at least than people think Americans have. I find myself wishing a lot that I left my husband to give my son a better future in China when I had the chance. But then I wouldn’t have my daughter…and my husband is kind of my go-to for everything, I’m too dependent on him actually. 🙂 So what if I have to save up so we can move to Ecuador or something. Better anywhere but here in reality.
Don’t give me that look. YOU CAN BE PATRIOTIC WHEN YOU HATE YOUR GOVERNMENT. You can love your country and hate your government I mean. Not many people liked England’s monarchy, but Britons are damn proud people of where they’re from.

I would LOVE to home school.
But I’m not crazy about the threat of CPS taking my kids away for that choice.
Canada is looking better all the time.