About Rilly

24 year old conservative, hippy, naturalist-traditionalist.
I’m now a mother of two.
I’m highly opinionated.
Anti-Obama. Very openly so.
Anti-doctor, anti-circumcision.
Free birthing.
I’ve been called a “Republican Hippy”
Baby wearing, cloth-diapering, clean eating (usually), pro-paleo-ish foodie, gardening, sewing, disciplining, strict, spoiling, green, anti-big-government, grassroots, traditionalist, primal…
Of Two.

I have one preschool-aged monster who is the most spoiled baby ever even though I think I’m too strict most of the time.

And one precious baby princess who is the complete opposite of her big brother already, and I don’t take enough pictures to show how quickly she’s growing already.


I don’t have to love everything about my life, but I love my babies more than anything in a million different universes. I’m a proud STAY AT HOME MOM (SAHM) and I honestly wouldn’t trade it for the world even on my worst day. I tried the working thing. I’m better as a mom.
Someday we’ll travel the world as a family, but for now we just explore as much as we can of where we are at any given time.
Loving my babies is my job and you get to read all about it 🙂
When I have time to remember to write anyways.


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