Diapers and Potty Training.

Of course these are just my personal views and opinions.

S was potty trained when he was 2. I thought he would never get out of diapers. The problem? Pull-ups. Then my thoughts against pull-ups were confirmed when O’s cousin (she’s a child-development specialist) came into town and said the same thing.

S would go poo in the toilet, but he would still pee in his pants. Then we took away the stupid potty chairs and let him run around naked. He was trained within a couple of weeks of that. He always hated the little potty and preferred to stuff his butt in the toilet seat hole. Haha. *shrug* Whatever works.

I was potty trained by 18 months – cloth and disposable diapered – because I hated being wet. According to O’s mom he would sit on her lap and go on the toilet. Which if f-ing creepy as hell to me, as most thing she does are, but at least he can use the toilet and it didn’t take him 5 years to learn.

What I can’t stand hearing about it parents who don’t potty train their kids by a reasonable age. And then whine about it. I have friends with the exact same age kid as S, STILL NOT POTTY TRAINED. Like, “I want to put him in preschool/daycare but they have to be potty trained after 3.” So take his pants off and let him run around the house? Or, “OMG, I’m so tired of diapers, but I don’t know what to do.” Then I give them advice because my son’s been using the toilet for almost 3 years, but they don’t listen. I think they honestly keep their kid in diapers because they want to whine about it.

Same thing with another friend’s kid. Which doesn’t really surprise me because she was raised in a home where her little brother wore diapers well into elementary school. However in all honestly, her excuse is more that she’s always at work and her deadbeat wetback boyfriend doesn’t do shit and it him and her “wear diapers until you’re thirty” mother watching the kid while she’s not there.

My biggest pet peeve is when I’m looking around online, let’s say Facebook, and seeing a 3 year old or whatever in a flipping diaper. I totally understand slow kids with mental issues still being in diapers until whenever, ok? But, when the parent is just too dumb and lazy to teach their kid to use the toilet…. I feel sorry for that kid. Honestly, if I had the patience I would do the whole China diaperless thing… if it were at all possible to find crotchless pants here.. and my kids would be “potty trained” by like 6 … and peeing all over the place, but not in their pants! 😉 I can totally understand parents that do the whole “elimination communication”, but neither of my kids show any signs of having to pee, they just pee all over the place. Poop is always easier to communicate, and I have ran to the toilet with a baby who’s about to poo before, haha.

Just make sure you potty train your kid in a timely fashion, because I’m going to be that mom whose kids are all, “HAHAHA You were in a diaper until you were FIVE?! Your mom is a bum!” Just because they make diapers that big now, doesn’t mean kids are supposed to be IN them. Remember when 3 was the biggest size diaper? Then they figured out they can make a LOT more money if they keep kids in diapers indefinitely. 😉

I’m hoping I can get Z to use the toilet shortly after walking… We’ll probably start around 18 months like when I was finished, when we started thinking about it for S. not panicking until 2 years and then getting serious. It would be nice not having to worry about this one for so long. I don’t think we’ll have to deal with diapers nearly as long since we use cloth diapers.


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