Duck Dynasty? My take. (explicit)

Alright, I admit I watched it for a few hours the other day while in the hospital with Z. Admit people, cable TV is a complete waste of money, nothing is on! That’s how you get stuck watching Duck Dynasty, they had a marathon I think.

I must’ve gotten lucky this time, because it was actually funny. Compared to when I get stuck watching it at my mother’s (Is Duck dynasty the only thing on cable television? o_O) where it’s always super BORING.

I don’t give a FUCK.

I’m not “Chirstian”, actually we’re pretty “live and let live” people, but as a traditional American I can feel where Phil is coming from and understand what he was trying to say that got him banned because GLAAD decided it was their duty to be all up in peoples’ faces like fucking PETA for gay people. Because I’m sure everyone really wants a few “homosexuals” making all of them look like asshole idiots. Didn’t they vote for Obama? The damage has already been done, my friend, but go ahead and make all gay people look like psychotic liberals that one group is.
I’ve never once met a person (because you don’t actually go around like “gay person,” “my gay friend,” etc.) who gave a fuck what anybody in any sort of media said, at any time, about anything. My friends aren’t liberal of course. Even my *gasp* gay friends are conservatives, about as liberal as we get is going to gay bars and walking around the rainbow parades. Because that shit is FUN.

Anyways, I’m getting off topic.

I’m not gay. I’m not great “support” of gay… sex? At least man-sex, haha, because as a female, come on, men are disgusting – can you blame Phil Robertson for preferring vaginas? Because I personally, would take a vagina over a penis any day in terms of not being grossed out. And boobs are hot. Don’t get me started. But the thought of two guys going at it…. *gag* That being said, my gay friends? Guys. I don’t care who they sleep with, I’m not watching! 😉

Stop getting butthurt, because obviously ass sex shouldn’t hurt if you’re doing it right. 
Grow some balls, or better yet, a vagina.
Get off your high horse.
Have a beer, and laugh at the idiots on TV.



As for the whole black thing. It all depends on education. See the Martin Luther King Jr. Episode of Boondocks.

I have awesome educated black friends (whom will scold you for saying “African-american”, they didn’t come from Africa!), but I won’t waste time with those ghetto fuckers walking around with their pants falling off, calling me “ma”, who can’t even speak correctly in any given language, especially English.


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