Barbie Controversy?

I don’t normally pay any heed to things that go around the blogosphere or whatever groups people have created online to take up their time, but is something like Barbie really that big of a deal? I just read the newest post at my favorite blog, BauHauswife about the fights women will get into for or against Barbie dolls. And while we don’t have the same opinions, I would never argue or fight about something so ridiculous! Do women really have that much of no life? Shouldn’t you be watching your kids, working, cleaning the house, or something? Something besides fighting over BARBIE!? 

Well, here’s my stance on the subject while I’m waiting for the girls to be dropped off, after I cleaned the living-room. 😉

I grew up with Barbie and I’m definitely not bulimic, anorexic, or have a screwed up sense of what beautiful is. Barbies are f-ing retarded-looking! (Yes, I still use the ‘non PC’ version of the word “retarded” that is used to refer to stupid things.) Barbies aren’t supposed to be proportionate, THEY’RE DOLLS. No one goes around whining that the Lalapalooza dolls are going to make people want huge heads or Anime eyes. People TOTALLY want anime eyes. And those so-called “real life Barbie” girls online? Look nothing like barbie, but their heads are so big, maybe a little more like those Monster High dolls. Whose bodies are way worse than Barbie in comparison to making girls want to look like them. I’ve never seen anyone dress up like barbie for Halloween, but Monster High was everywhere this year making 8 year olds look 16.

What about Bratz? Their look is more unattainable than both Monster High and Barbie dolls. Let’s all have tiny bodies and gigantic heads!! 

Out of the three, Barbie is the most realistic of them all, and not the most attractive because kids these days don’t want to be clean-cut suburban people, they want to have awesome hair and fun clothes. They want the punk boyfriend who will probably get you arrested, not the jock-looking Ken-type who’s on the football team.


So why am I writing this?

Because who gives a damn what kind of DOLL a kid is going to play with? If they’re old enough to compare their bodies to a fake plastic TOY then they’re too old to play with dolls at all and they need a lot more mental help than can be attained by banning Barbies. I also think if your daughters are already attaining unreasonable body images as ideal, then you’re not doing your job of parenting, kind of like people who drop their kids in front of a TV instead of being a parent. *cough cough*my in-laws*cough cough* 😉


Now if you want to hear what I think about BOYS playing with dolls, it will be a whole different ranting. But while I don’t believe that boys should play with Barbies, I’ve never said so and my son would much rather play with boy toys. I offered him a pink doll or something once and he was like NO THAT’S A GIRL TOY. Which kind of says something about the human mind, since commercials and people nowadays advertise all toys as unisex now. 

The toy aisles in the store still divide, but we actually don’t go to the toy sections, ever. All of my son’s toys have been gifts rather than him going down the aisles and picking stuff.


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