Operation Christmas – Underway!

Welcome to the first day of December 2013. Today is the first day I start the decorating process for Christmas, and if you’re lucky I’ll make a batch of cookies. I make bomb chocolate chip cookies with dark chocolate chips and coconut oil.

We really don’t do a lot for Christmas.  A “Big Christmas” for me is just being able to be with my family. It’s not really about presents, it’s about the season and spending quality time with loved ones. So my kids don’t get a lot of gifts in comparison with other people’s extravagant affairs and entire toy-boxes worth of toys each year.

I decorate, make sure we always have a REAL tree, make cookies, and buy a few presents.
My child might act spoiled, but in reality we rarely buy him anything materialistic, and his room full of toys is from the 5 years his life has spanned over. (This is S’ 5th Christmas) which is still off-limits to him right now from the crap he tried pulling all last month with his crappy attitude.

Christmas for our family, is BASED ON THE FAMILY. The best part of Christmas for me is having both of my parents at the same time, cooking the family dinner, and spending a day or two all together. We got S maybe 8 things, 4-6 toys and 2 movies, and Z we got 5 toys, 3 of which are basically stocking stuffers, like a teether rattle.

Z’s second tooth came in last week, and then we got over our 2 days stomach bug/food poisoning from my mother-in-law’s mashed potatoes, which SUCKED. Never eat that woman’s food, not even to be polite. Eugh.

Now I just need to decorate the house, in a couple of weeks we’ll go get a tree… and ALL SET FOR CHRISTMAS!

Oh, and I got a cute idea for a school project from the decorations at 7-11 that we can make from construction paper. Keep checking back!


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