Diapers and Potty Training.

Of course these are just my personal views and opinions.

S was potty trained when he was 2. I thought he would never get out of diapers. The problem? Pull-ups. Then my thoughts against pull-ups were confirmed when O’s cousin (she’s a child-development specialist) came into town and said the same thing.

S would go poo in the toilet, but he would still pee in his pants. Then we took away the stupid potty chairs and let him run around naked. He was trained within a couple of weeks of that. He always hated the little potty and preferred to stuff his butt in the toilet seat hole. Haha. *shrug* Whatever works.

I was potty trained by 18 months – cloth and disposable diapered – because I hated being wet. According to O’s mom he would sit on her lap and go on the toilet. Which if f-ing creepy as hell to me, as most thing she does are, but at least he can use the toilet and it didn’t take him 5 years to learn.

What I can’t stand hearing about it parents who don’t potty train their kids by a reasonable age. And then whine about it. I have friends with the exact same age kid as S, STILL NOT POTTY TRAINED. Like, “I want to put him in preschool/daycare but they have to be potty trained after 3.” So take his pants off and let him run around the house? Or, “OMG, I’m so tired of diapers, but I don’t know what to do.” Then I give them advice because my son’s been using the toilet for almost 3 years, but they don’t listen. I think they honestly keep their kid in diapers because they want to whine about it.

Same thing with another friend’s kid. Which doesn’t really surprise me because she was raised in a home where her little brother wore diapers well into elementary school. However in all honestly, her excuse is more that she’s always at work and her deadbeat wetback boyfriend doesn’t do shit and it him and her “wear diapers until you’re thirty” mother watching the kid while she’s not there.

My biggest pet peeve is when I’m looking around online, let’s say Facebook, and seeing a 3 year old or whatever in a flipping diaper. I totally understand slow kids with mental issues still being in diapers until whenever, ok? But, when the parent is just too dumb and lazy to teach their kid to use the toilet…. I feel sorry for that kid. Honestly, if I had the patience I would do the whole China diaperless thing… if it were at all possible to find crotchless pants here.. and my kids would be “potty trained” by like 6 … and peeing all over the place, but not in their pants! 😉 I can totally understand parents that do the whole “elimination communication”, but neither of my kids show any signs of having to pee, they just pee all over the place. Poop is always easier to communicate, and I have ran to the toilet with a baby who’s about to poo before, haha.

Just make sure you potty train your kid in a timely fashion, because I’m going to be that mom whose kids are all, “HAHAHA You were in a diaper until you were FIVE?! Your mom is a bum!” Just because they make diapers that big now, doesn’t mean kids are supposed to be IN them. Remember when 3 was the biggest size diaper? Then they figured out they can make a LOT more money if they keep kids in diapers indefinitely. 😉

I’m hoping I can get Z to use the toilet shortly after walking… We’ll probably start around 18 months like when I was finished, when we started thinking about it for S. not panicking until 2 years and then getting serious. It would be nice not having to worry about this one for so long. I don’t think we’ll have to deal with diapers nearly as long since we use cloth diapers.


Christmas: TGIO

Thank God It’s Over!

Everything went pretty well, except Christmas Eve, as expected. Instead of having it at our house, my excuse for the house being tiny worked out and got us out of hosting the thing. Instead, I got tricked into being in the same place as my sister-in-law. Kept my kids away from her and made $170 out of the whole ordeal, not too bad for 1 hour of work.

Christmas was pretty good. S had a ton of fun and got everything he wanted and more. Train, toothbrushes, pajamas, clothes, cars, trucks, lotion, body spray, a Ninja Turtle, animal crackers… I think that about covers it. We went out to breakfast and dinner with Grandpa and Grandma. Z got a bunch of noisy things and things to chew on. And our dog got toys too, because Christmas is when we celebrate her birthday and she’s 9 years old now.

I’m glad the holidays are over, now I get to look forward to paying off all the credit cards I maxed out and the lack of money we’ll have left from the tax refund after they’re all paid off.

Duck Dynasty? My take. (explicit)

Alright, I admit I watched it for a few hours the other day while in the hospital with Z. Admit people, cable TV is a complete waste of money, nothing is on! That’s how you get stuck watching Duck Dynasty, they had a marathon I think.

I must’ve gotten lucky this time, because it was actually funny. Compared to when I get stuck watching it at my mother’s (Is Duck dynasty the only thing on cable television? o_O) where it’s always super BORING.

I don’t give a FUCK.

I’m not “Chirstian”, actually we’re pretty “live and let live” people, but as a traditional American I can feel where Phil is coming from and understand what he was trying to say that got him banned because GLAAD decided it was their duty to be all up in peoples’ faces like fucking PETA for gay people. Because I’m sure everyone really wants a few “homosexuals” making all of them look like asshole idiots. Didn’t they vote for Obama? The damage has already been done, my friend, but go ahead and make all gay people look like psychotic liberals that one group is.
I’ve never once met a person (because you don’t actually go around like “gay person,” “my gay friend,” etc.) who gave a fuck what anybody in any sort of media said, at any time, about anything. My friends aren’t liberal of course. Even my *gasp* gay friends are conservatives, about as liberal as we get is going to gay bars and walking around the rainbow parades. Because that shit is FUN.

Anyways, I’m getting off topic.

I’m not gay. I’m not great “support” of gay… sex? At least man-sex, haha, because as a female, come on, men are disgusting – can you blame Phil Robertson for preferring vaginas? Because I personally, would take a vagina over a penis any day in terms of not being grossed out. And boobs are hot. Don’t get me started. But the thought of two guys going at it…. *gag* That being said, my gay friends? Guys. I don’t care who they sleep with, I’m not watching! 😉

Stop getting butthurt, because obviously ass sex shouldn’t hurt if you’re doing it right. 
Grow some balls, or better yet, a vagina.
Get off your high horse.
Have a beer, and laugh at the idiots on TV.



As for the whole black thing. It all depends on education. See the Martin Luther King Jr. Episode of Boondocks.

I have awesome educated black friends (whom will scold you for saying “African-american”, they didn’t come from Africa!), but I won’t waste time with those ghetto fuckers walking around with their pants falling off, calling me “ma”, who can’t even speak correctly in any given language, especially English.

Christmas Eve…. DEATH!

This year I’m being forced to hosting my mother-in-law (MIL) and brother-in-law’s (BIL) family. Which wouldn’t be too bad if mother-in-law and sister-in-law’s (SIL) knocked-up daughter weren’t by default invited. I hate my husband’s family. The only sane ones in the bad bunch (immediate – from his mother’s side) are BIL and his daughters. Unfortunately, when MIL left father-in-law (FIL), she moved in with BIL and he hasn’t been able to get rid of her since.

Now I’m not one of those high-morality “don’t get pregnant until marriage” kind of people. But her mother is such a slut that both kids don’t know who their real fathers are, and her mom apparently slept with both the guy they were brought up believing was their father, and his son! Who is supposedly the daughter’s possible father. SIL is a straight up SLUT and I don’t like anyone from her own family. Nobody was raided right out of any of them, but can you be surprised, really?

So They normally do Christmas Eve crap (Like opening presents early, WTF?) at BIL and MIL’s house. But they had a fire and the house is black and smells like smoke.. So apparently that volunteers my house for them to ransack on Christmas Eve. I normally like to have a nice quiet peaceful Christmas as far away as humanly possible from these people. When it comes time for the Holiday season, I try to go to my parents’ houses. 

It’s just once, A. You can live through one night of hell with these psychos….

If SIL shows up, nobody is invited at all and they can all go suck it.
And no, not just because she’s a whore. She had the audacity when my son was born to grab a 2 day old baby out of my arms, pass him around the room, and tell him that he wasn’t my baby, but “theirs”. Which I won’t get into the details now, but the bitch isn’t even allowed to know where we live.

Operation Christmas: TREE!

That’s right. It’s 9 days until Christmas and we barely got the tree on Saturday. Well, keep in mind we live in a horribly hot climate and we only get REAL Christmas trees, so it will last until New Year’s.

I can’t find my camera, so I guess I will post a crappy webcam pic of the tree.

S is at my mother’s because mommy daddy and Z were at the hospital for almost 3 days, so I just did the lights, garland and a few of mommy’s ornaments. When S get’s back he can finish up the rest of it.

Until then, I really need to get busy and wrap his presents. And Santa needs to find a decently priced REAL choo-choo train set. Not that plastic Fisher-Price stuff they’re trying to call choo-choos at the stores. Too bad they don’t have real toy stores here anymore like when we were kids!


I swear it looks really nice in person, or a better picture lol. I will find my camera.

I swear it looks really nice in person, or a better picture lol.
I will find my camera.

We All Hate Hospitals….But(explicit)

But sometimes they are a necessary evil… Or not? I don’t know.

Every-time I take someone to the hospital it ends up being a waste of time and money. Which I guess is one reason to be glad to be dirt-poor, we don’t have to pay for it! It’s ridiculous that you’re forced to stay or else the state will take your kids away, even after tests return negative – “just in case“.

O-M-G, people, please don’t ever tell anyone in the emergency room that you don’t vaccinate. Everything becomes “because you don’t vaccinate….” Yeah, bitch, because I didn’t do years of research and THEN make the decision not to vax. My baby isn’t even old enough for the vaccine you’re whining about so it wouldn’t make a difference if I DID!

*Note to retarded self-righteous wannabe-doctors(not an MD): Don’t try scaring a non-vaxing parent, usually we know more about the vaccine than you because we don’t get paid by the big pharma company and we don’t only read the company-given pamphlets telling, “Why you need this.” Including complete lists of ingredients, side-effects, long-term effects, and other shit they don’t want you to know and the FDA doesn’t require to be told to the public because the government wants to fuck us over! I’ve done the research and the risks completely overshadow and outweigh the supposed “benefits”. Also, stop being so fucking snoody and “tsk-tsking” other peoples’ God(or self, if you don’t believe in a God)-given parental choices. I don’t for a second wonder why there are posters all around ER saying “It’s a felony to harm a medical worker.” YOUR DUMB ASS NEEDS PUNCHED IN THE FACE!
By the way, you tortured my child for nothing, CUNT.*

I would like to thank the actual doctors and nurses outside of the ER for being ultra kind, considerate, understanding, helpful, caring, and all-around NICE… And making our 48-hour stay bearable.
Well, besides the doctor on the first day and the nurse on the first night, I could have totally done without them. But Ben, Helena, Vicki, Sarah, and Scott were super awesome!

Regarding CPS’ use as complete OVERKILL in everyday society in America:
It’s complete BULLSHIT that parents are bullied into receiving medical care and unwanted advice at the threat of having our children taken away. The government needs to get its ass in check, we own you, not the other way around! Save CPS resources for people actually posing a threat to children, like the abusers that you allow to keep their children and beat the shit out of them while doing drugs.

First we were told that we could go home when the test results came back negative for everything. Then we were told to stay in the hospital for 2 days while the cultures are tested. Now my baby cries every-time she poops or sits because she was given antibiotics and disposable-diapers after knowing her tests were negative with only a 20% chance of becoming positive in the next 48-hours. You’re not allowed to remind them of what they first said or CPS get called. Unless a doctor is specifically saying, “the baby will die or get worse.” I don’t think you have the right to say a person is neglecting their child or putting them in danger. Nobody knows their babies like parents, and the body is this magical thing that has done it’s own medical care for thousands of years without “professionals”.
I’m not pissed about the stay because I was expecting it. But had it been a “oh shit” kind of hospital run and test came out fine but we were incarcerated anyways? Yeah I’d have been fucking pissed, because once you step foot in a hospital – you lose all of your human rights and become a prisoner until you’re allowed to leave.
Or else you get your family taken from you. Which is the main reason I hate hospitals. Besides the fact that the medical “professionals” are mainly stuck-up, snoody, brown-nosers who think they shit gold bricks. Luckily on this trip we actually got really good care and only the ER people were worthless pieces of shit.

Banner Cardon Children’s – Mesa
I think you rate my best hospital stay EVER: 6/10 *****

It would have been 10 if it weren’t for your shitty ER staff!… and those first night people.

I’m just glad to be home with my poor unnecessarily diaper-rashed baby who is otherwise in perfect health. ❤

Finally Did It! (Explicit language)

I sent my friend a text message yesterday saying that after this week I won’t watch her kids anymore.

However, I don’t think she took me very seriously seeing as how she reminded me tonight that starting next week she’ll no longer have Tuesdays off of work. *facepalm*
Her little brats were worse than ever, even after her threatening them before she left for work this morning. What kind of children destroy an entire string of Christmas lights by ripping off the bulbs or smashing them to bits!? Needless to say, we can no longer go in our own backyard barefoot anymore! I fucking hate them. Not to mention, that shit costs money! I don’t even feed the little fuckers anymore because they ate all of the food their mom brought over, and I refuse to feed them my food or else we’ll have a completely empty fridge like last week. Depressing.

Nothing to make you completely hate children that aren’t yours than by watching other peoples’ little brats.



If she shows up at my door next Monday, I’m not going to answer the fucking door….Yeah right.

I hate being such a pussy ass doormat.