Republican Hippy – All about me.

I’m a young conservative. I’m crunchy… sometimes all the way to granola. I’m poor. I’m a mom.

I have crazy strong opinions on a lot of things. I am for the most part an attachment parent.

This is just a little too much about me that you don’t really want to know anyways.


I believe that sexuality doesn’t matter, people are people, but I don’t give a rat’s ass if gay people get to marry or not. Mainly because I’m not too big on marriage in general. If gay people want to be as unhappy as everyone else, that’s their personal problem and they should be allowed to make the decision. No, I’m not going to sign a petition to help them achieve this goal. I try not to sign anything, ever.

I like guns. Period. Endofstory. I was loading shotgun shells by the age of 4 and I can’t remember ever not owning my .22 caliber Ruger long rifle. I love that thing. I have an extended magazine for it because I go through ammo like nobody’s business, and I rarely miss. Ruger is my favorite brand of gun, for some reason I don’t like Smith & Wesson, but I have a severe yearning for a Lady Smith.. because it’s a pinkish purple .38 caliber purse-size six-shooter. Which brings me to my second favorite gun, my Ruger Single-Six .22. I like wooden grips and stalks on my guns. Not those retarded “wanna be a machine gun” black plastic pieces of crap for guys with no penises. For my most memorable date I went with a Marine to an island on a river and we shot at cans with his M16. Apparently he wasn’t expecting me to hit a can floating down the Colorado River, as he pretty much thought it was the sexiest thing in the world.

My dad is a Marine. All other military branches are pussies. Sorry, that’s how I was raised, and with all the military people I know. It’s totally true.

Anything can be fixed using breast milk and coconut oil. It’s not just a meme on Facebook, it’s true.

Human beings were made to eat real food. By real food I mean strictly: meat, veggies, fruits, water… and less probably – milk, which I can understand because not all women have an easy natural time breastfeeding. That said, RAW MILK. Not that store bought poison that we’re forced to buy because it’s technically “illegal” to sell raw milk for human consumption. Which is another reason I plan on buying a goat someday… easier to keep than a cow, you know? Plus, just in case for lactose intolerance.

I want badly to grow our own food and own chickens (in addition to my future goat.) I want to be that house on the street with an overgrowth of anything green. I’m obsessed with the beauty of plants, this is partly cause by the fact that I spent most of my childhood in Idaho, where things are GREEN and they GROW. Something Arizona people know nothing about… Except in like Flagstaff, but like I said, I’m poor so I’ll never live anywhere near Flagstaff, AZ. It’s for rich people and college kids take all the poor people jobs there.

Living in America is the last thing in the world I want for my family. But we have no choice. It’s literally impossible for an American to emigrate anywhere and gain CITIZENSHIP. Yes, you can go visit or whatever, but living and working and eventually calling that country home? Lets just say, most expats, especially my age, are there illegally. Old people can go wherever they want because they have a steady income of Social Security money, or rich husbands who have the kind of job that you can go anywhere and make bank. Poor people and young people? Stuck in this shit country with Obama tearing down everything our ancestors worked for.

Don’t talk to me about politics if you voted for Obama. ThatIsAll.

Not everybody is made for college, but I think trade school is a really good idea if you want to do anything or make any money in life. Especially if you have prior experience before getting some sort of degree. Like my cook husband who needs to go to get a culinary degree so his experience will mean something and he can get a real paying job, instead of just a crappy job because he loves food. I believe you should go for your dreams, and make a living doing it. My kids are always going to know that they can do whatever they want. However, they’re not going to get anything done if they don’t work for it and make it happen, make sure it’s worth while in the end so they can live off of their dreams. They also need to understand that unless daddy goes to school to become a real paid chef/cook, that they’ll never be able to go to college anyways because we can’t pay for it!

I believe that women need to do research before even getting pregnant. Or start as soon as they find out that they ARE pregnant. They need to watch videos, read statistics, ;earn about the healthcare business, and eventually after they find out that doctors are crocks and you should never trust them with your family or health, then make the decision they need to for their births. Some moms are fine with going along blindly with whatever popular belief has taught them and whatever they’ve been brainwashed into thinking because we’ve been deceived for the past 70 years, but I am not. Birthing at home is 100% safer in my eyes, add onto that after you factor in unnecesareans which doctors get $10,000 bonuses for performing, GD myths often based on a mom’s weight and size, the fact that real food can fix basically any illness…. Yeah my hippy side really comes out when it comes to the so-called “westernized healthcare system”.

We co-sleep. For me that means bedsharing. A family bed. All of us piled into bed fighting for space. I wouldn’t have it any other way. My parents and I all slept together until I was almost 12 so it never crossed my mind to do it any other way. My son spent all of 10 minutes in his crib and my momtuition just went off like a fire alarm that he was going to suffocate and die in his sleep if I couldn’t hear him breathing beside me.

We actually prefer our mattress to be on the floor.

I normally don’t wear a bra or shave my legs…often. I have a loose t-shirt/sports bra type bra. Bras are bad for boobs and boob health, since nixing a traditional type of bra, my boobs have even gotten perkier! Whereas before… Let’s just say my boobs have always been the part of my body I’m most ashamed of.

My children are my world. I stay at home, breast feed, baby-wear, cloth diaper and home school. Nobody raises my child for me.

I’m against infant circumcision as a aesthetic parental choice. If my son wants to chop off his dick skin when he’s a grown-up that’s his choice, but it’s not mine!

The Pledge of Allegiance should still be mandated in every public school as soon as the tardy bell rings and class begins. Just as respect for the flag should be taught.

Are we the only country in the world that has let immigrants take over and cause us to forget how we got to where we are? It’s funny how fast the USA is turning into a lower class country when it started out as a 1st World country. Honestly, compared to the US, China is not 3rd World anymore.
Everyone else is going forward, while our country is decaying.

I love going to dive bars and sometimes singing karaoke. I get really embarrassed when people give me compliments on my voice, even though I’ve wanted to be a singer since my dad first recorded me when I was probably 6. He wanted me to be the next Tanya Tucker or Leann Rimes.

My favorite music is country, screamo, early 2000s emo, alternative rock (usually 90s), and 90s rap and hip-hop. Oh and techno, I love dance/techno, WITH LYRICS and 90s dance music. (Haddaway, etc) Real McCoy was my favorite thing to listen to in the late 90s after hard rock and grunge started getting too blah. Oh and one of my mom’s boyfriends when I was like 7 had a La Bouche CD in his car (this was back when they first came out and you had the CD changer in the trunk), I could basically sing anything by her, knew them all by heart. Ace of Base… You remember Skateland in the 90s right? 😀

Miranda Lambert is this household’s favorite. Even my previously anti-country husband is in love with her music.


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