Parent’s Night Out

I never feel older than when the hubby and I try to go out…once a century and have a couple’s night.

I’m only 24, I shouldn’t be feeling like the old maid at the bar, seriously, I’m sure these people have way more kids than me and at least 10-20 years on me, but I feel like the grown-up. Maybe it’s because I don’t drink, I just go to bars because O likes to have a couple of beers and we sit there and talk. I envy those people out on the dancefloor. I haven’t been FUN in years.

Tonight the hubs and I went out, first to the casino to lose money, I hate Indian casinos, but they’re all we have unless we go to Laughlin or Las Vegas, Nevada. Then we tried going to a bar but it was too noisy and they don’t do karaoke anymore.

Eventually we just ended up calling one of O’s friends and driving into Central to hang out and talk, and O got to have his drinks and catch up with his friend who never tries to get a hold of him… or reply to messages, or return phone calls… Not much of a friend if you ask me, but once a year we get to see at least one of O’s old high school friends.

Bored as.

The highlight of my night is getting home to my babies and getting in bed.


When did you figure out you were “old”, or a PARENT and not a party animal?


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