Breastfeeding and Pumping.

I started out attempting to breastfeed as soon as Z was born, but it didn’t work. She just screamed and screamed at me because she was hungry. So then I screamed and screamed for O to go to the store and, “Fucking, just buy formula!!!”
Then I pumped and pumped exclusively. The hardest thing besides listening to your baby scream nonstop? Pumping your boobs every 2 hours, AROUND THE CLOCK. Day and night, never-ending, alarm-setting…ugh DEATH. Seriously, which is why I wrote the intro to this reblog I did a few months back.

Eventually she started taking the boob and I was ecstatic!

One of our first successes.

One of our first successes at 3 weeks.

Well, I’ve been attempting to breastfeed and pump for the past two months and just breastfeeding for the past month, because my pump isn’t working right. I figure trying to breastfeed is better than letting my boobs go dry. So then, I decided to rent. The store only had one available, which is now gone and I’m on the waiting list. Then I was looking around online because I’m like, “It’s a good thing it’s almost tax season, then [in March] I can just buy myself the hospital grade Medela Symphony. It’s [only – haaa haaa] $1503.00 on  Which got me looking around and I found the Spectra Baby S1 which is supposed to work as good or better for only $319.00!!
Well, $319 I can save up for in a few months instead of waiting for tax refunds to roll in. Right? So it seems like a good gamble, and if I don’t like it I can probably return it. Plus it’s also a closed system, which means I can sell it or whatever, afterwards if I want.
And the Spectra pumps have RAVE reviews on Amazon. In-depth LONG AS HELL reviews that answer just about any question you could think of thinking. So that might just be the answer to my problems. It’s cheaper to buy direct from the company though.

I went to WIC like everyone suggests, but they only give out the crappy Medela manual pump. So I got that. BLAH. Is all I can say. As far as I can tell, my ancient Medela Pump in Style does the same good and takes less work. But I didn’t even get half an ounce from an engorged boob and nothing was coming out. USELESS. I need to figure something out though, this whole situation sucks and I really don’t want to lose my milk altogether which is what’s going to happen as my baby is going through a growth spurt now and taking twice as much formula as usual since my boobs can’t keep up.

And don’t give me that insurance talk bullshit, I have Medicaid and they don’t cover hardly anything except birth-control, laws or no laws.


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