Lazy Days

Sometimes we all need a break. Traditional school takes that break on the weekend, apparently I take that break on Thursday and Friday. Hopefully I’ll get back to teaching tomorrow, things have been kind of hectic around here the past couple days.

S decided to do a “project” without me in the morning, while we normally sleep in, he woke earlier and wanted to revamp one of the scarecrows we had made on Wednesday. This involved glue, glitter, and food coloring.

I’ve been working the stain out of the carpet for two days! The green up pretty easily, but the yellow and red I found underneath? That’s a different story. I’m not sure we’ll be getting our security deposit back and it’s the most we’ve ever paid for one! *fingers crossed*

In other news, today I found out our old neighbor and her girls moved nearby once again, so I will probably start babysitting her baby (one month older than Z) and middle daughter while she works, as the oldest is 5 and goes to public school. Do you think it would be too weird to ask if she would think it ok to breastfeed her baby? I would never do something like that without asking, but it would be a great way to increase supply! Hubby is actually the person who brought it up. I’ll have to ask… but I’m afraid it would come off as too strange. Technically, wetnurses and nannies back in the day breastfed other peoples’ babies… Her baby IS SOOO SKINNY THOUGH!! Seriously, you can see the separate plates in her skull, it would probably be good for her – she just got told to give the baby formula and cereal, the cereal alone could cause insane allergies in the future. I’ll think about asking.
She doesn’t have a problem with me cloth diapering her while she’s at my house though. Not even going to TRY to mess with disposables. I know, I know, totally different.

Hopefully my supply stays up. I just started a diet and I’m kind of paranoid about losing what little supply I have.


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