Finding a Decent Place For Kids

My biggest obsession since I got pregnant with S five years ago has been stalking the Realtor website for affordable houses. By affordable, I mean we can basically only afford something in the $50-80k range. However, anything is better than wasting money renting a place, right? Last year we almost finally moved, found really nice places with up to 5 bedrooms that we could afford, then we found out there are absolutely no jobs. Scratch that dream.

I refuse to raise my kids in the city. In this city? EFF THAT! I’ve never lived anywhere in this entire Valley (in 4 different cities down here), where gunshots weren’t a normal phenomenon. I’m paranoid to let my son in my yard (with its 6ft wooden fence) for fear of one of those “pop-pop” sounds killing him randomly.

The ghetto was cool when I was a small town teenager that moved to the big city. As a parent?
I will die before my kids have to be raised here.

So now I’m thinking of us moving into my mom’s house for a year or two to be able to save up some money to buy a house. She lives in a small town up north where it’s not as hot. O really likes it up there for the historic district and all that. I have bills to pay with the 2013 tax refund, then put the remainder in savings, and with the 2014 tax refund we should have enough for a decent down payment. So we can move to Idaho or Oregon or wherever. I really would love to be able to buy my uncle’s “farm” in Idaho where I spent a few years of my childhood, and multiple holidays, but it doesn’t seem like my mother is ever going to ask him about the possibility of us buying it from him. Lord knows that would be easier!
But there is always the issue of finding a job. O is a cook, he can literally work anywhere, at least he could in a place that actually has a good food presence, where food-related jobs are readily available… Which is the issue we had with buying the house earlier this year, no restaurants equals NO JOBS. Where there were jobs, there were no houses! It gets me to be super hopeless.


So maybe this next year will finally be the year when I get my family out of this hell-hole. Even if it means living with my mother until we can afford to move somewhere we can all be safe and happy.

How hard is it? All I want is an affordable 3 bedroom, 2-3 bath home in a smallish town, with jobs and good schools.

I really hate living in America. But if you’ve ever actually looked into it, there’s nowhere else that allows us to get citizenship, except Ecuador. And believe me, I’ve looked into it. Maybe I should just save our money and move there!


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