Monday Funday

Yeah I know, totally lame, “Monday Funday.” Really? Yes really!

Alright I admit, S spent a lot of the day with his nose in the corner because he wasn’t listening, AT ALL. Overall it ended up being a pretty good day though, and I think I’m getting the hang of this preschool stuff. I’ve just got to work on timing, because as it is we’re doing about 6 hours of school. Given that’s with almost an hour total of “recess” and most of our school time is doing crafts. It’s still a long time for a 4 year old.

Today we made playdoh.


Showing off his favorite color

And we printed pictures onto shirts using HP iron-on paper.



If you’re wondering about the hair: I’m thinking of finally letting his hair growing out, instead of going all OCD and cutting it as soon as it hits his ears. (Like I normally do.)

We also made an autumn wreath and prepped popsicle stick “fences” to use as the faces for scarecrows as our craft tomorrow. I’m trying to cut down on our “class time” tomorrow so I can get some diaper sewing done, because Z is growing super fast and I need to make some bigger diapers, pronto.


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