Is going GREAT! If I don’t say so myself.
Thursday we made paper snowflakes and a construction paper chain garland, then worked on his tracing book for shapes and letters. Saturday we made a turkey headband, turkey picture, an autumn tree picture, and each made a glitter snowflake out of popsicle sticks. My wild-child still gets about 3-6 timeouts per day, but that’s mostly for his attitude (and acting spoiled) now, rather than being in trouble for destroying the house.

I don’t like that I have to get up earlier than normal, because he’s been getting up before me lately. If I stay in bed, he uses the alone time to destroy the house. Boys will be boys?

Yesterday I even found out that he knows enough letters to write his name (minus two).


Thanks to Pinterest for preschool craft ideas, and free coloring printouts and craft templates online, homeschooling is easier than ever.

Proud Turkey

Proud Turkey

I know that the only way my son won’t learn anything is if I’m too lazy as a parent to get him interested in learning things. Sometimes we might get annoyed with our children for not knowing something already, or for their constant questions about the world around them – but how do you think WE learned about all of this stuff? Our parents taught us (in normal cases – each family is different after all). If we are too lazy to parent our children, of course they’re stupid nowadays!

My husband is not happy with the price-tag of all the things I’ve bought for “school”, but he’s the one who’s always egging me on to do more “school” things! Plus, buying the stuff from a teacher’s school supply list, then buying school clothes, school shoes, new haircut before school and throughout…. Unschooling is cheaper anyways. (I know that there are homeschool curriculums out there that you might as well just pay tuition to some private school – but we won’t be doing either.)


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