New Obsessions – Sewing My Way To WAHM

I tend to get excited about things very easily, and dream big when these excitements pop up…
Although I rarely get taken seriously, or people (e.g.: my husband) don’t believe in my ideas or are too SCARED to follow their dreams! I’ve always been a dreamer, even if my dreams never come true… Looking back, maybe I should rethink the way I look at possibilities in the world. Nah, it’s good to have hope, especially when it’s trying to make your family self-sufficient and not have to rely on “the man” for a paycheck.

My current dream is to become a WAHM by making my own cloth diapers as a business. Which I’m hoping I’ll get good enough to open shop sometimes around the beginning of next year because it will be a new tax season, and you have to apply for your business tax license every year as it expires on Dec 31.

Anyway, a couple months ago I gave up on leaving the diaper-making to my mom (the family seamstress) and decided to branch out and try to do it myself! She bought all the supplies and I went to her house (where the sewing machine formerly resided – it’s currently in my dining room/sewing room) to embark on my journey of diaper-making! I sewed all day and well past midnight most of the time, making fold-in-fitteds, hybrid fitteds, prefitteds…just name a type of fitted, I’ve probably attempted it at least once. My mother keeps a plethora of flannel (plethora – my current favorite word) so I basically had an un-dwindling stash to practice, practice, practice with. Eventually after all of that sewing you start to get sewed out. Which I did, after I got home, and I took a couple of weeks’ break away from sewing anything. Yeah, I tried a couple of times to make a MeiTai baby carrier and a Podaegi… but it didn’t work out.
Anyways I’m back to sewing diapers after my 2-week strike, and because I found really pretty fabric we bought that I had forgotten about! 😉

I’m still afraid to waste my $13/yd PUL fabric… Eventually I’m going to give in and make a cute rufflebutt skirty diaper cover for Z! I have the cutest sparkly stuff for the skirty/ruffle part, just hoping to be taken out of the waiting line.

I made a really wonky looking upcycled wool diaper cover (as you can see in my other sewing post) that happens to work just fine, a few more fold-in fitteds (my favorite so far), and yesterday and today I cooked up a couple of super cute hybrid fitteds that both have a couple of wonky irregularities, but are my best so far and even have my friends saying I should sell my diapers.

Someday I want to at least make a couple of extra bucks from something I make, whether it be a diaper or wrap or pajama pants, or SOMETHING. I want to be able to have my own way of making money that doesn’t require me to leave my children and hang out somewhere I don’t want to be in the first place.

And I want to show hubby that it’s possible to follow your dreams, so he won’t be so afraid to open his lifelong dream skateboard shop.


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