Crying Baby

My son was the perfect baby.
From birth he slept through the night, and the only time he cried was when he was hungry or something was really, really, wrong. He was so precious, completely adorable. Easy to take places. We went to the movies, dinners, and when he did get older and started being awake more often, we started going to the drive-in theater. Even then it was really easy to get through 2 movies without him freaking out. Maybe a couple of diapers changes and a bottle, but no crying for hours upon hours as you see babies on television doing.

My daughter, however, is not this perfect baby I was so prepared for from my past experience.
Z is the TV baby. Usually crying, I have to go through the “baby troubleshooting” to figure out what she wants: Change the diaper, give the boob, make funny faces, give the binky, offer a bottle… She’s not sick, just woke from a nap (so not tired), has been fed, and is still screaming her head off. She’s the baby that you have to turn on the vacuum to quiet her down, or leave her in a baby swing all day and not bother her unless she needs fed or changed.
And she’s really picky about her food. Most of the day she’ll breastfeed exclusively, but 2-4 times per day she insists on having a bottle and screams if you offer the boob.

Eventually it all settles down and she’s this beautiful, smiley, giggling, gorgeous, bright eyed magazine cover baby that you can’t get enough of. So you end up talking to her in googoos and gaagaas for hours without realizing any time’s gone by at all.

No wonder my hair is falling out. (post pregnancy pun)

The other night I had to give her a bottle and she was still going on and on.
So I got here on the computer, intent on letting her cry it out. Then a genius idea hit me.
It was a “DOH” *facepalm* kind of moment really. I TURNED ON MY MUSIC!
Brilliant right? Calvin Harris saved my life tonight with, “Feel So Close”.

My advice to new parents?

Don’t give up!! Something will make the baby stop eventually!
You can do it!

(and invest in some earplugs!)


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