Sewing Mama!

Newest and best diaper yet! T&T Hybrid Fitted

Newest and best diaper yet!
T&T Hybrid Fitted
but ran out of snap studs!
Bad Cell Pic

So when I was pregnant with Z and discovered “modern” cloth diapering, I also discovered that for a fraction of what you pay for brand name diapers, you can make your own if you have a sewing machine. Well, a couple of years ago my mom bought me a sewing machine, but it was at her house. So I would make trips to her house to use her sewing machine to practice making diapers.
Last month I spent a week up there at her house, making all kinds of fitted (absorbent diapers that need a cover) and hybrid fitted diapers (like an all-in-one with fleece instead of PUL – not completely waterproof, but good for daytime around the house). I was getting pretty good while I was up there. Then she lent me her expensive fancy Pfaff sewing machine, because the one she bought me is ancient and we need to find a different one. So, she’s figuring out how to use that one now while I’m making stuff with hers.


My First Upcycled Wool Cover


My First Hybrid Fitted
Newborn Pattern w/ Umbilical Cord Snap-down


Second Hybrid Fitted
One-Size Pattern, but messed up the snaps.

I’ve only had success with the diapers I make from Arfy’s patterns, all the others I find for free online never work for me ,or look retarded when they’re finished. Arfy’s just really good at drawing up patterns and then you can usually find a tutorial with tons of detailed pictures about how to go about making them. Totally recommend!

Lately I’ve kind of gotten bored just making diapers (fold-in/butterfly fitteds are my favorite!), and I’ve been branching out to pajama pants! I made my son a pair… Which I totally messed up at first and had to go in and fix it… Kind of ending up making my own pattern by the time all was said and done.  Tonight I made Z a pair and it only took me 20 minutes.. if that! It really helps once you know what you’re doing!

Eventually I imagine I’ll keep experimenting and eventually end up making my kids more clothes, but who knows. I’m not really into making anything too complex, compared to clothes – diapers are super easy! haha. I think I’ll always suck at turn and topstitching! But I didn’t do too bad when I made one of hubby’s skateboarding t-shirts into a fitted diaper.

Decision Skate  Fitted T-Shirt Diaper

Decision Skate
Fitted T-Shirt Diaper


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