Pumpkin Patch 2013

So this was the first year we’ve ever gone to a pumpkin patch.

Honestly I’m not even sure I’ve heard of pumpkin patches outside of on TV, but they seem to be really popular this year online and we drive by one every time we go out to eat, so we went.

We didn’t buy a pumpkin though, because they were old and overpriced. We’ll probably get one from the grocery store if they have any left. I like to wait until the week before, or week of, Halloween before getting a pumpkin, because we got one earlier once and it basically started growing… Black mold. Welcome to Arizona! -Sigh- Yeah, I hate it here every good holiday ends up sucking.

Like the fact they have trick or treating ON Halloween here. Ridiculous. Everywhere I’ve ever lived it was on the Friday or Saturday before or after Halloween so kids could actually go out and ENJOY getting candy, instead of going while it’s still daytime because you have to be in bed for school the next day. REALLY? TRICK-OR-TREATING WHILE IT’S STILL DAYLIGHT???
This friggen place (Arizona) SUCKS (Specifically the Metro Phoenix “Valley of the Sun”).

Here are some pictures we took, my son thinks he’s the strongest boy in the world.


Are you ready yet!?



Did you really have to dress me up?


I want this one!


No, folks, she is not smiling (ha)


Never-mind how about this one?!


Check it out mom, I am strong boy!


How about this one then?


OK, You have to like this one? Please!!


My Husband O, Being a Dork


Just along for the ride, drooling every step of the way


Check it out! I’m driving!


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