Welcome to my new blog.
I decided I needed to start a new blog and retire My Unassisted Journey, because my baby is born and I don’t plan on getting pregnant again for a long, long, long, long….. Time.
After I had my baby… Well, during labor really, I decided (rather REMEMBERED) that having a baby FUCKING HURTS… Not so much ‘hurt,’ as much as really hard work that exhausts every muscle in your body and causes you to contort to all sorts of positions just to attempt to find one that’s comfortable.
It’s really uncomfortable.
And now I have hemmhoroids that don’t want to go away.
Talk about uncomfortable!

Enough about that.
This is my new blogosphere.
My little world where I get to entertain you all by rambling on and on about whatever I have to talk about whenever I find time… and thoughtfulness to write words and post them here. For your slightly amused pleasure.

Keep in mind I’m now a mother of two.
I’m highly opinionated. Usually conservative in my views.
Anti-Obama. Very openly so.
Total hippy. I’ve been called a “Republican Hippy,” remind me to trademark that as it’s me.
Baby wearing, cloth-diapering, clean eating (usually), pro-paleo-ish, gardening, sewing, disciplining, strict, spoiling, green, anti-big-government, grassroots, traditionalist, primal…
Of two.

If you followed me here from http://www.ucapril.WordPress.com after watching my ups and downs through pregnancy, birth, and the early days of having to mother twice as many children,
Thanks! I love you too ❤

And to everybody in general:
Enjoy the show 🙂


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