Crying Baby

My son was the perfect baby.
From birth he slept through the night, and the only time he cried was when he was hungry or something was really, really, wrong. He was so precious, completely adorable. Easy to take places. We went to the movies, dinners, and when he did get older and started being awake more often, we started going to the drive-in theater. Even then it was really easy to get through 2 movies without him freaking out. Maybe a couple of diapers changes and a bottle, but no crying for hours upon hours as you see babies on television doing.

My daughter, however, is not this perfect baby I was so prepared for from my past experience.
Z is the TV baby. Usually crying, I have to go through the “baby troubleshooting” to figure out what she wants: Change the diaper, give the boob, make funny faces, give the binky, offer a bottle… She’s not sick, just woke from a nap (so not tired), has been fed, and is still screaming her head off. She’s the baby that you have to turn on the vacuum to quiet her down, or leave her in a baby swing all day and not bother her unless she needs fed or changed.
And she’s really picky about her food. Most of the day she’ll breastfeed exclusively, but 2-4 times per day she insists on having a bottle and screams if you offer the boob.

Eventually it all settles down and she’s this beautiful, smiley, giggling, gorgeous, bright eyed magazine cover baby that you can’t get enough of. So you end up talking to her in googoos and gaagaas for hours without realizing any time’s gone by at all.

No wonder my hair is falling out. (post pregnancy pun)

The other night I had to give her a bottle and she was still going on and on.
So I got here on the computer, intent on letting her cry it out. Then a genius idea hit me.
It was a “DOH” *facepalm* kind of moment really. I TURNED ON MY MUSIC!
Brilliant right? Calvin Harris saved my life tonight with, “Feel So Close”.

My advice to new parents?

Don’t give up!! Something will make the baby stop eventually!
You can do it!

(and invest in some earplugs!)


Sewing Mama!

Newest and best diaper yet! T&T Hybrid Fitted

Newest and best diaper yet!
T&T Hybrid Fitted
but ran out of snap studs!
Bad Cell Pic

So when I was pregnant with Z and discovered “modern” cloth diapering, I also discovered that for a fraction of what you pay for brand name diapers, you can make your own if you have a sewing machine. Well, a couple of years ago my mom bought me a sewing machine, but it was at her house. So I would make trips to her house to use her sewing machine to practice making diapers.
Last month I spent a week up there at her house, making all kinds of fitted (absorbent diapers that need a cover) and hybrid fitted diapers (like an all-in-one with fleece instead of PUL – not completely waterproof, but good for daytime around the house). I was getting pretty good while I was up there. Then she lent me her expensive fancy Pfaff sewing machine, because the one she bought me is ancient and we need to find a different one. So, she’s figuring out how to use that one now while I’m making stuff with hers.


My First Upcycled Wool Cover


My First Hybrid Fitted
Newborn Pattern w/ Umbilical Cord Snap-down


Second Hybrid Fitted
One-Size Pattern, but messed up the snaps.

I’ve only had success with the diapers I make from Arfy’s patterns, all the others I find for free online never work for me ,or look retarded when they’re finished. Arfy’s just really good at drawing up patterns and then you can usually find a tutorial with tons of detailed pictures about how to go about making them. Totally recommend!

Lately I’ve kind of gotten bored just making diapers (fold-in/butterfly fitteds are my favorite!), and I’ve been branching out to pajama pants! I made my son a pair… Which I totally messed up at first and had to go in and fix it… Kind of ending up making my own pattern by the time all was said and done.  Tonight I made Z a pair and it only took me 20 minutes.. if that! It really helps once you know what you’re doing!

Eventually I imagine I’ll keep experimenting and eventually end up making my kids more clothes, but who knows. I’m not really into making anything too complex, compared to clothes – diapers are super easy! haha. I think I’ll always suck at turn and topstitching! But I didn’t do too bad when I made one of hubby’s skateboarding t-shirts into a fitted diaper.

Decision Skate  Fitted T-Shirt Diaper

Decision Skate
Fitted T-Shirt Diaper

Pumpkin Patch 2013

So this was the first year we’ve ever gone to a pumpkin patch.

Honestly I’m not even sure I’ve heard of pumpkin patches outside of on TV, but they seem to be really popular this year online and we drive by one every time we go out to eat, so we went.

We didn’t buy a pumpkin though, because they were old and overpriced. We’ll probably get one from the grocery store if they have any left. I like to wait until the week before, or week of, Halloween before getting a pumpkin, because we got one earlier once and it basically started growing… Black mold. Welcome to Arizona! -Sigh- Yeah, I hate it here every good holiday ends up sucking.

Like the fact they have trick or treating ON Halloween here. Ridiculous. Everywhere I’ve ever lived it was on the Friday or Saturday before or after Halloween so kids could actually go out and ENJOY getting candy, instead of going while it’s still daytime because you have to be in bed for school the next day. REALLY? TRICK-OR-TREATING WHILE IT’S STILL DAYLIGHT???
This friggen place (Arizona) SUCKS (Specifically the Metro Phoenix “Valley of the Sun”).

Here are some pictures we took, my son thinks he’s the strongest boy in the world.


Are you ready yet!?



Did you really have to dress me up?


I want this one!


No, folks, she is not smiling (ha)


Never-mind how about this one?!


Check it out mom, I am strong boy!


How about this one then?


OK, You have to like this one? Please!!


My Husband O, Being a Dork


Just along for the ride, drooling every step of the way


Check it out! I’m driving!

My Son: The Whirlwind

“He’s only four.”

Funny Faces

I keep telling myself as I walk around the house to find whatever he broke this morning while I was napping with the baby. Today it was my stevia in the kitchen and my sewing machine stuff in the dining room. -Sigh-
“What am I going to do with this boy!?” I say to myself.
I’m not the most patient of people. I admit, that is probably my greatest downfall regarding motherhood.
Besides that I never really liked children. That’s besides the point 😛 I’ve always liked my children… Until he hit the “Fucking Fours,” anyway.
Four years old.
Say it with me, FOUR.
Shivers are running up and down your spine, right? As you hear that lamp in the living room being smashed to pieces and step on those sharp jagged toys strewn across your floor as you try to make your way to the kid to put him in time out.
“I give up!!!!”
That’s pretty much my daily mantra. Besides, “Where did my beautiful, neat, nice, considerate, careful,[list good things here], little boy go? I don’t remember spawning a monster that was hell-bent on destroying the universe.”
Don’t get me wrong. Compared to other peoples’ kids? My son is a saint…sometimes.
He’s only 4, remember?
Besides destroying things, he’s a really good helper, official “find the binky” binky finder, “can you please get me a toilet paper” toilet paper go-getter, he’s good with his numbers, alright with his letters, and constantly surprises you with random, “I love you mommy.” Out of no where that can instantly melt your heart.
He takes care of me as best he can when I’m sick… As long as the TV breaker is turned off…
He always takes my side when I’m arguing with daddy. (haha 🙂 )
He helps me find things that I’ve lost (usually he stole them to begin with, or lost them himself.)

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t be able to live without my son. He’s my baby.

Jumping on the back of my sofa

Jumping on the back of my sofa

But the little f****r is BAD, most of the time, and I find myself pulling out my hair more than swooning over how adorable he is. His bad habits overwhelm the fact that he’s actually a pretty good boy, better than most, as stated earlier. However, for us, with his history, it’s uncharacteristic to even come close to behaving how other peoples’ children behave. I don’t think age can completely erase how you are raised. Can it?
Even MY mom is noticing lately, “He doesn’t listen at all!”

No, really? I’ve been telling you that since the “Terrorizing Threes”, Mother.

I’ve tried letting him do what he wants in hopes that he’ll make good choices.
I’ve tried time-outs.
I’ve taken his things away, thrown away toys.
Sat him down to talk.
Eventually we even tried spanking.

Not one little thing.
He says, “Sorry.” and that he won’t do whatever it was, ever again.
Then goes straight back and does it again and seems surprised when he gets in trouble again.

I think my son is daft.

How do you get your kids to listen?

Or at least to not destroy the house… yard… garden….. ANYTHING?

Oh, and don’t get me started about how he behaves in public.
I really try to keep my cool, but it’s getting to the point where he’s about to outgrow highchairs and we’ll never go to another restaurant as long as we live until he moves out of my house when that happens!!


How can you stay mad at that perfect face? 😀

Best Big Brother Selfie

I’m the Best Big Brother: Selfie

Back and Forth About Homeschooling

My Back and Forth Thoughts On Homeschooling.

Anything having to do with Obama. Or that people say have to do with Obama? I don’t really keep up with these things…
My number one concern is this ‘Common Core’ thing that is being made into the entire country’s curriculum. Kids are being sent home with pornographic novels and math problems that make absolutely no sense. (Google it! Pissed parents blog you know!) We thought America couldn’t get any stupider? Enter socialist schooling. Making our children mindless idiotic zombies, cut from a cookie-cutter mold most likely in the view of voting for a certain party… Like a mini-college!
Did I Mention the Cookie Cutter?
I’m not a big fan of my kids being turned into whatever society wants them to be. I’m rather proud that my son has turquoise or green hair at any given time, because that’s what he wants. He’s 4 years old, can count to…roughly 15. Knows at least 10 alphabet letters… But he prefers to be outside playing, naked, destroying my plants because he likes picking peppers. And I support that. Like I want to wake up at 6am, attempt to wake him, dress him, and drag him to a preschool that’s nothing but glorified babysitting. Oh, with a dress code that frowns upon green hair and dressing yourself in whatever you feel like wearing the day. I’m a mom. Its my job. I don’t need a babysitter. My son wants to be naked with green hair, when he’s not naked he’s wearing a giant purple skateboarding shirt with no pants or underwear and his bright blue Crocs galoshes. That’s what he’s going to do. Stop asking him when he’s starting preschool, the answer is never, I don’t give a flying fuck about your ‘social norms’.
I Like The Idea of Letting Them Choose Their Paths.
I was just reading about the Harding family.. They have like 10 kids (don’t quote me, I’m paraphrasing) and have homeschooled them all. Each of their kids has gone on to start college at 12 and have their (first) degree by 17 years old. The parents say that all they have to do is say it’s not fun anymore and they’ll find something else to do/focus on. – I LOVE THIS. If you aren’t passionate about what you choose to do with your life, how are you going to talk yourself into getting up and going to work everyday? It’s the main reason my husband works as a low-paid cook. He loves food and he loves working in the kitchen. However, no matter what I say he won’t go to chef school because chefs tend to be snobs, (ex: “Why do you get paid more and are chosen for manager, I went to school for this!” Says recent culinary graduate when she’s passed up because my husband has actual work experience vs. ‘schooling’) I think with his experience, plus school he would be unstoppable. 🙂 I want this to be the way for my kids. Real life, passion, and school. Making them unstoppable in the future when looking for work!
Who wants to be cooped up in a room with a bunch of bratty kids and a teacher who half the time doesn’t understand that if you don’t make things interesting, people won’t learn? I did my best when I was in school but working at my own pace, choosing the classes I was interested in personally. I needed to be held accountable for actually getting the work done, but I had to do things that A. I was actually learning something (I hadn’t learned anything since 6th grade after moving to AZ for 8-12th) and B. Subjects I was interested in: mainly History and Math. Learning was fun after that and I finished my 3 years of high school (I quit school a lot from boredom) in one year, top 5% of my class, all As and B’s in everything instead of the D’s in choir and drama I didn’t care about in my freshman year at normal high school. Fun makes SOOO much difference in a learning environment.

The Conclusion?
I go back and forth daily whether or not to homeschool my 4 year old. Which technically we’re already doing, as parents, in the first place. By home school, I mean UnSchool. Learning from everyday life and experiences. Counting flowers or birds or money at the grocery store. Writing letters to people. Reading books. Feeding pets. Playing games, singing songs, and even watching TV sometimes. (My son loves Sid The Science Kid and will now tell me just about anything going bad is “decay mommy, its called DECAY!” It also helps get him to brush his teeth more often!) Sometimes I get annoyed, thinking he’s not ever going to learn anything, because I was taught that school is everything, knowing your numbers and letters are the most important thing in the world… Then i have to remind myself: He’s FOUR. (And a boy, lol.) I should just feel lucky he wants lots of bedtime stories and will count with me to 二十 (20 in Chinese).
I haven’t made a definite decision on whether or not I’ll home school. I don’t like the idea that even though I’m homeschooling I have to “check in” with the local school district and update them on his progress, make him take their tests and all that. I don’t like that in order to feel safe I’m supposed to spend money for a HSLDA (or whatever the initials are) to feel safe in my decision to home school so I can avoid persecution and prosecution by the state/government. That shouldn’t have any business in my child’s studies in the first place. We’re not a communist country. I’m not really sure government schools are constitutionally legal in the USA actually… (Sounds kind of like a ploy to me. But I’m very anti-government, anti-big-government since the whole Obama being elected thing, especially the second time. I have no doubt he’ll figure out a way to bypass the whole “presidents only get elected to office twice” and become a dictator. Its possible after all. Think Hitler. The people originally voted for him too.)
Anyways. I’m afraid of ‘my’ government. I feel like even though China is ‘communist,’ that people have more freedom that most Americans. Or at least than people think Americans have. I find myself wishing a lot that I left my husband to give my son a better future in China when I had the chance. But then I wouldn’t have my daughter…and my husband is kind of my go-to for everything, I’m too dependent on him actually. 🙂 So what if I have to save up so we can move to Ecuador or something. Better anywhere but here in reality.
Don’t give me that look. YOU CAN BE PATRIOTIC WHEN YOU HATE YOUR GOVERNMENT. You can love your country and hate your government I mean. Not many people liked England’s monarchy, but Britons are damn proud people of where they’re from.

I would LOVE to home school.
But I’m not crazy about the threat of CPS taking my kids away for that choice.
Canada is looking better all the time.

Z is 3 Months!

Three months ago today I had my beautiful baby girl Z.
In my bedroom, on the floor, in front of the closet, at the foot of my bed.
(Well, with my hubby and sleeping 4 year old)
It was empowering to say the least.

Still Attached

Still Attached

If I had known I was “allowed” to follow my instincts and dreams when I had S, I would have had him at home unassisted as well. However, back then I thought that you weren’t allowed to have babies naturally anymore, that the closest you were allowed to get to a natural childbirth was to have a midwife present. So glad I found like-minded people, books, websites, and information regarding the laws on homebirth. All of these things allowed me to be confident in my choice and the legality of it.
Unassisted Childbirth is legal in al 50 states, whereas childbirth with a “midwife” (I use quotes because usually the licensed ones are MEDwives) is only legal in I think it was about 20 states? It’s been a while since I was researching for my birth, all I needed to know was that no one had the right to go after me and I was like, “ALRIGHT M-F-ER LETS HAVE THIS BABY!”

One Month 7 Days

One Month 7 Days

Even my mom, who was paranoid and kept reminding me how to dial the phone for an ambulance, just in case, was all, “Oh honey,” (annoying mom voice), “I’m so proud of you! You’re so strong!”
My dad on the other hand had reacted opposite of what I expected of him as well and was begging me to see a doctor.
“My sister,” He started before I cut him off.
“Your sister was killed by doctors when she had her kid, I would expect you to be behind me more than anybody else. You know, since you warned me about going to have my first baby in a hospital last time and all…” *eye-roll*
“Yeah I know, you’re right. I just worry about you.”

2 Months

2 Months

I absolutely love my parents. Even my mom, whom I never got along with until these past few years. Now we’re all buddy-buddy! They taught me to be strong and do what feels right for me. Also, I’m pretty sure all of my stubbornness comes from both of them, since they’re like oxen.

My beautiful little girl is now three months old and I don’t know where the time has gone. She’s grown so much already, she’s so smiley and giggly, strong, loud, and full of personality. She’s going to be an amazing gorgeous, strong woman someday, and I hate that it’s going to seem like tomorrow when it finally happens in the next 20 years.

3 Months
My Happy Girl!


Welcome to my new blog.
I decided I needed to start a new blog and retire My Unassisted Journey, because my baby is born and I don’t plan on getting pregnant again for a long, long, long, long….. Time.
After I had my baby… Well, during labor really, I decided (rather REMEMBERED) that having a baby FUCKING HURTS… Not so much ‘hurt,’ as much as really hard work that exhausts every muscle in your body and causes you to contort to all sorts of positions just to attempt to find one that’s comfortable.
It’s really uncomfortable.
And now I have hemmhoroids that don’t want to go away.
Talk about uncomfortable!

Enough about that.
This is my new blogosphere.
My little world where I get to entertain you all by rambling on and on about whatever I have to talk about whenever I find time… and thoughtfulness to write words and post them here. For your slightly amused pleasure.

Keep in mind I’m now a mother of two.
I’m highly opinionated. Usually conservative in my views.
Anti-Obama. Very openly so.
Total hippy. I’ve been called a “Republican Hippy,” remind me to trademark that as it’s me.
Baby wearing, cloth-diapering, clean eating (usually), pro-paleo-ish, gardening, sewing, disciplining, strict, spoiling, green, anti-big-government, grassroots, traditionalist, primal…
Of two.

If you followed me here from after watching my ups and downs through pregnancy, birth, and the early days of having to mother twice as many children,
Thanks! I love you too ❤

And to everybody in general:
Enjoy the show 🙂