KonMari Cleaning?

For years I’ve struggled sucked at cleaning up the house.
I think this is mainly because we buy a lot of things without getting rid of other stuff.
We have A LOT of stuff.
When I clean I tend to make a huge mess, throwing away at least half of whatever I find in whatever room I’m cleaning up. So all this time I have been halfway ‘tidying’ KonMari style already. However, I’ve never done the entire house in one fell swoop.

I just see (e.g.) my son’s room – a complete disaster zone, covered in toys and clothes, like a bomb went off, and then I go to town on picking up all the crap that’s everywhere. The floor is covered in everything he owns, separated into piles: keep and trash. My son hates this, I do it about 2 times a year and especially around his birthday and present-giving holidays because I’m pretty firm in, when stuff comes in, other stuff needs to go.

I still haven’t gotten the gumption to do the entire house at once. I have a donate/yardsale basket downstairs and a donate bag upstairs from when I cleaned my room last month. Last week, I went through my daughters clothes after I finally bought her one of those plastic Rubbermaid dressers. I had just had her clothes folded in a crate/basket but that was piling up. I went through her clothes and not in her new dresser, there are only things that currently fit her, folded and stored standing vertically versus folded and piled. Putting folded things standing up saves so much space, and much less pushing things down in order to stuff them into a drawer. Today, I went through my daughter’s toys that have been overflowing in wicker baskets in my living-room. We still have two full baskets of toys, but also a full 30 gallon trash bag of stuffed animals that I can’t decide between trash and donate, but will not being living in my home any longer. I also went through my book rack where I had been keeping multiple notebooks from college, basically useless now, full of notes for whatever tests I was studying for at the time. I do keep my textbooks, not that I have many, but the well written ones I enjoy reading and the language texts I love. I went through the small basket I keep the writing utensils in, threw away dried up markers, put everything into my son’s pencil box and then I had an empty basket to use for the random collection of sunscreens and lotions I have on my table in the living-room. I went through and threw away a few of the empties and oldies, and put the remainder in the basket, which looks a lot nicer than a bunch of bottles taking up a table-top. Then I went through my downstairs ‘toiletries’ basket, bodyspray I use before I go out, I put salve and plasters in a zippy bag so I don’t have to run upstairs when the kids get a boo-boo. This basket was overflowing and now it’s organised, lotions put in the lotion basket, bathroom things put upstairs where they go. And I had my son try on all the jeans I just washed and about half of those went into the donate/yardsale basket because he’s gotten too tall for them.

I know Marie says not to throw other peoples’ things away, but in my life, if I don’t do it, it won’t get done. Things will just keep piling up. O’s holey t-shirts and completely destroyed pants will just keep finding their way into my laundry room and back into the closet. Sometimes, and this sounds really old-school sexist, the woman needs to clean out her SO’s stuff for him because he’s… well, pretty much lazy, and on the verge of being a hoarder. For us this is mainly clothes, he has about 100 t-shirts, many from 12-15 years ago – high school – most of them have holes, are too small, ugly, out of style, etc. Basically, if I let him dress himself and keep all of the clothes he has, people would think that he’s homeless. He’s a skateboarder so clothes don’t last very long before becoming tattered. Pants? Ha! Usually they end up at the point where his bottom is hanging out where there should be a butt pocket. There are also lots of electronic crap that needs to get thrown out, we have boxes of cables that will most likely never be used ever again. Sometimes you have to throw your family’s things away, not only your own stuff. If you have a family, you probably notice nothing belongs to just the person who wears/plays with it, everything in the house belongs to you because everything ends up belonging to the entire family, not just one person. We have about 200+ DVDs that we don’t even watch, that we don’t have space for, to the point where I have banned even the idea of buying any more movies because we have literally nowhere to put new ones.
My husband’s closet is the next stop in my ‘decluttering’. Eventually I’ll get around to the movies we don’t watch, which would free up space for a few newer ones.

Cleaning is always going to be an issue for me. Especially with children messing everything I do in a matter of seconds. But I’m happy to say that I don’t usually have a problem with keeping material things versus throwing them away without remorse. The only things I have a big problem with letting go is baby stuff (I try to only keep a few outfits from special occasions, and baby books), and photos. Photos are memories I don’t want to lose. Of course, if I had pictures taking up a lot of space instead of one drawer, I would have to go through them and decide which ones I really want to keep forever. Which of them are most important.

I’m thankful for all the videos on YouTube showing me what the KonMari method looks like since I’ve been interested in her book but couldn’t find it for free and our finances aren’t doing too well right now so I can’t afford to buy it because it’s not a necessity. I’m happy to discover that minus the whole house in one day thing, I’ve basically been cleaning this way for the past few years. I think it’s probably a good idea for me to go ahead and go all out with the entire house instead of one room like I have become accustomed to. Marie’s right, a little at a time just doesn’t work.

If you are like me and can’t afford the hardcover book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by, Marie Kondo“, never get around to reading self-help books, or hate e-books…etc, the Audible version is available on YouTube, I don’t know for how long, but HERE IT IS. It’s almost 5 hours long, so you’ll have to account for that.

A year later

Reblog everywhere, people need to see how important car/carseat safety is when it comes to our babies.

Forever Anniston Jade

On January 12, 2014, my life was forever changed by one phone call. “Baby, I had a wreck” was all I heard on the other end of the phone talking to our daughters dad. In a split second, our lives changed by a brief moment that caused the car to go into the other lane of oncoming traffic.

Anniston Jade was born on May 8, 2010. She was a beautiful little girl. We watched her grow everyday & like all parents, we had hopes and dreams for her. When she was born, Anniston had jet black hair and it was a straight as could be. As she grew older, it turned blonde and curly. She was the prettiest thing we had ever seen.
I will never forget her excitement as she opened up her presents on her 3rd birthday. A pack of panties made her the happiest little girl and…

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Last Night Home

I’m excited, but I’m also afraid… mostly because I’ve been a bad luck magnet this year and I’m going on a plane over the ocean.

My friend in Shanghai may be meeting me at the airport, so that will be nice, and he’s going to try getting me a phone, one less thing for me to worry about.

I think the thing I’m mostly apprehensive about is leaving my baby for 2 weeks. That will be the hardest thing for me, I don’t think I will be able to sleep without her.

Other than that, I’ve got everything packed up again, always feeling like I forgot something. Bought my VPN, packed clothes, cameras, essentials, etc. I think I’m good. But you know how it is when you travel somewhere or try to pack for something, it always feels like you’re forgetting something.

The flight is going to be interesting for me anyways, because I’m a smoker. The airline I’m going on doesn’t allow e-cigarettes, so that’s out of the question. But it’s ok. I’m going to try to sleep as much as I can on the flight anyways, because I really don’t want jetlag!

I should probably be going to bed right now, I have to get up early and make sure I have everything. Then around 8:30 I’m going to try to be at the airport for check-in. I’m not too worried about getting through security, but I guess better to be early and be safe about not missing my flight right? I figure Cou got through LA security pretty fast, Phoenix should be easy compared to that. I’m going to milk any time I have left with my kids as much as possible.

I’ll try to update with vlogs, but Cou hasn’t had luck with internets in China, so I’m not going to be too anal about it, just in case. If anything we’ll have a ton of videos up when we get back.

Thanks, Pharma. You created the “anti-vaccine movement”.

I wish I had the words to explain myself the way this lady does. I’m sick of people (mostly just the looks and comments I get if I need to use the hospital) when it comes to vaccinations. I’m scared to death of getting these childhood diseases which I was “protected from” now that I’m an adult and it will be 100x worse for me. I wish I had that permanent immunity that comes from contracting the disease/virus. Instead I’m going to be happy for my kids if they get it, and freaked out for myself because I’ve never gotten anything to protect me. I wish my parents had been anti-vaxxers, maybe I would have a chance in the future when it comes time for my kids to catch normal things that have basically been a right of passage for humanity up until the mid 1900s.

Tax Time!

So as a poor person, tax time is pretty much the only time we ever have any extra spending or saving money.
We were thinking of buying a house, but since the market sucks right now, there’s nothing we can afford that’s livable.
So, spending money it is!

A friend and I have decided to take a trip to China in June. I’ve already talked it over with my mother for babysitting, and since the money came in as a nice Valentine’s Day present, I just bought a (nice) camera to Vlog, Blog, and take pictures of the trip (but probably more-so to take awesome pictures and video of my kids, because 1000 pictures in like 2 months is never enough 😉 ) so my family – husband, mom and the kids – can “go to China” with me, since obviously we don’t have (and probably never will have) enough for all of us to go, and I’ve been studying Chinese and about China for the past 3 years. I’ve never been anywhere, so it’s kind of a big important deal for me, I feel like if I don’t take the chance now, I never will.

Plus a vacation from life would really be nice!

Update on homeschooling:
S is doing really well with his school studies, and I recently did an assessment and he’s at the equivalent of almost knowing enough to have already “graduated” from Kindergarten! I really need to work on giving him more credit than I do. When it comes to schooling, I pretty much verge on the line of Tiger Mom (Google it for reference). I really have an amazingly smart kid.

It’s Been A While

And there’s not really a lot to talk about.

Z is 6 months old, S is 3 months away from turning 5, and I’ve just been working on trying to get him ready for kindergarten. He can almost count to 20, write his name, recognise numbers and letters, match, find differences, do math with picture problems.

I think he’s pretty much ready. Now I just have to decide whether he’s going to go to school or not. He really wants to, so I’ve been looking at Montessori schools because there’s no way in Hell I’ll put him in a regular public school. I don’t know what we’re going to do after 6th grade (that’s all that the Montessori schools around here go to.).

I never knew how stressful it would be just making a decision about what kind of education my kids would have.

I always knew I would never put my child in an Arizona public school though.


Welcome to the New Year

So it’s about mid-January now, that means people have already made and given up on their New Year’s Resolutions.

Here, we’re just trying to get out of the Holiday-mode and get back into the swing of normal life until next fall and winter.

Z is 5 months old now, sitting up and trying her hardest to crawl already. S is more mouthy and annoying than ever… I guess you’re not really supposed to talk about your kids like that, but I’m an honest person and people should know about the reality of parenting, the sugar-coating that most people layer on top of it in order to make people less afraid of becoming parents. I can’t believe he’s going to be 5 in a few months! That being said, I can’t believe I’m going to be 25. I already make fun of O for almost being 30… Now I feel like I’m almost there and my life really is over.

I’m still trying to talk O into getting the snip. I don’t think he understands that I’m serious and that I don’t want anymore kids. Come on, honestly, I had come to the conclusion before meeting O that the only kids I would ever have is if the guy I ended up with already had kids. Well, plans never end up how they’re supposed to, I was supposed to go to Sacramento and go to college and lead a normal young people life… a child-free life. HAHAHA. I honestly wasn’t made for being a mother, it’s kind of just something that happened and now I’m one of those anal, overprotective, crunchy granola, hippy-type parents. When Obama was re-elected I CRIED and CRIED. I was just 1 month pregnant and this was not the world I wanted to bring a baby into, I started looking into countries that let Americans immigrate really easily.. Ecuador is still on my list for places to move. Now my focus is kind of on buying as many guns as possible to protect my babies from ObamaSo, from TOTAL FEAR and regret of bringing a child into the world in this country, to “How can I keep my babies safe when the shit blows up?” In reality, my biggest regret in life is being born American – because there’s literally no where I can go to run away from here. That doesn’t mean I’m not full-red-blooded patriotic… I just don’t want to be stuck with a psycho like Obama.

Alright, enough of my rantings…

It’s a New Year. I already talked about my plan to buy guns… I also want to buy a baby carrier. A Shiny Star Designs baby carrier. This is about $200-$300 folks… Wayyyy out of our normal price range for anything. I probably won’t get one, but I really really want one. I’m still paranoid about wearing Z on my back anyways… People always think they’re allowed to touch her and look at her. I’m totally overprotective: Don’t even gaze your eyeball on my baby, bitch.
Oh and I want to get an SUV/Crossover thingy that has third row seating. That way we have room to drive people in one car, or we can put stuff in our car when we move instead of taking a million trips..we could cut it down by half… Honestly, it’s jut impossible to find something where you can fit 2 god damn car seats and possibly be able to take one other person with you. I squish my fat ass into the back seat and let the extra person, whichever of my parents is going, take the front passenger seat. At this rate, we’re never going to get rid of O’s car or my old Honda. I would like to keep my blue car for everyday O’s work, good gas milage, and have the SUV for other shit or when we need room for more people… I’ll probably never get to have one.

Now that it is the New Year, I need to get back on track with homeschooling S. I’ve also decided that I probably can’t handle homeschooling him past preschool, so I’m hoping to find a good Montessori school for him to go to. We’ve already decided on one here and picked one where my mom lives, just in case we move up there to save money. S is really excited to go to “real school”. I’m excited just to get him out of the house. However, I wish they had afternoon half-days instead of morning classes no-matter whether you pick a full or half day. So he’ll probably go for the full day since a half day would just be morning. I wanted the late start though… Apparently they don’t do that in Arizona. I hate mornings…. and getting up. That’s why I missed half of the school days throughout my entire childhood!

Anyways, got to get off of here, life duties are calling me!

Diapers and Potty Training.

Of course these are just my personal views and opinions.

S was potty trained when he was 2. I thought he would never get out of diapers. The problem? Pull-ups. Then my thoughts against pull-ups were confirmed when O’s cousin (she’s a child-development specialist) came into town and said the same thing.

S would go poo in the toilet, but he would still pee in his pants. Then we took away the stupid potty chairs and let him run around naked. He was trained within a couple of weeks of that. He always hated the little potty and preferred to stuff his butt in the toilet seat hole. Haha. *shrug* Whatever works.

I was potty trained by 18 months – cloth and disposable diapered – because I hated being wet. According to O’s mom he would sit on her lap and go on the toilet. Which if f-ing creepy as hell to me, as most thing she does are, but at least he can use the toilet and it didn’t take him 5 years to learn.

What I can’t stand hearing about it parents who don’t potty train their kids by a reasonable age. And then whine about it. I have friends with the exact same age kid as S, STILL NOT POTTY TRAINED. Like, “I want to put him in preschool/daycare but they have to be potty trained after 3.” So take his pants off and let him run around the house? Or, “OMG, I’m so tired of diapers, but I don’t know what to do.” Then I give them advice because my son’s been using the toilet for almost 3 years, but they don’t listen. I think they honestly keep their kid in diapers because they want to whine about it.

Same thing with another friend’s kid. Which doesn’t really surprise me because she was raised in a home where her little brother wore diapers well into elementary school. However in all honestly, her excuse is more that she’s always at work and her deadbeat wetback boyfriend doesn’t do shit and it him and her “wear diapers until you’re thirty” mother watching the kid while she’s not there.

My biggest pet peeve is when I’m looking around online, let’s say Facebook, and seeing a 3 year old or whatever in a flipping diaper. I totally understand slow kids with mental issues still being in diapers until whenever, ok? But, when the parent is just too dumb and lazy to teach their kid to use the toilet…. I feel sorry for that kid. Honestly, if I had the patience I would do the whole China diaperless thing… if it were at all possible to find crotchless pants here.. and my kids would be “potty trained” by like 6 … and peeing all over the place, but not in their pants! 😉 I can totally understand parents that do the whole “elimination communication”, but neither of my kids show any signs of having to pee, they just pee all over the place. Poop is always easier to communicate, and I have ran to the toilet with a baby who’s about to poo before, haha.

Just make sure you potty train your kid in a timely fashion, because I’m going to be that mom whose kids are all, “HAHAHA You were in a diaper until you were FIVE?! Your mom is a bum!” Just because they make diapers that big now, doesn’t mean kids are supposed to be IN them. Remember when 3 was the biggest size diaper? Then they figured out they can make a LOT more money if they keep kids in diapers indefinitely. 😉

I’m hoping I can get Z to use the toilet shortly after walking… We’ll probably start around 18 months like when I was finished, when we started thinking about it for S. not panicking until 2 years and then getting serious. It would be nice not having to worry about this one for so long. I don’t think we’ll have to deal with diapers nearly as long since we use cloth diapers.

Christmas: TGIO

Thank God It’s Over!

Everything went pretty well, except Christmas Eve, as expected. Instead of having it at our house, my excuse for the house being tiny worked out and got us out of hosting the thing. Instead, I got tricked into being in the same place as my sister-in-law. Kept my kids away from her and made $170 out of the whole ordeal, not too bad for 1 hour of work.

Christmas was pretty good. S had a ton of fun and got everything he wanted and more. Train, toothbrushes, pajamas, clothes, cars, trucks, lotion, body spray, a Ninja Turtle, animal crackers… I think that about covers it. We went out to breakfast and dinner with Grandpa and Grandma. Z got a bunch of noisy things and things to chew on. And our dog got toys too, because Christmas is when we celebrate her birthday and she’s 9 years old now.

I’m glad the holidays are over, now I get to look forward to paying off all the credit cards I maxed out and the lack of money we’ll have left from the tax refund after they’re all paid off.

Duck Dynasty? My take. (explicit)

Alright, I admit I watched it for a few hours the other day while in the hospital with Z. Admit people, cable TV is a complete waste of money, nothing is on! That’s how you get stuck watching Duck Dynasty, they had a marathon I think.

I must’ve gotten lucky this time, because it was actually funny. Compared to when I get stuck watching it at my mother’s (Is Duck dynasty the only thing on cable television? o_O) where it’s always super BORING.

I don’t give a FUCK.

I’m not “Chirstian”, actually we’re pretty “live and let live” people, but as a traditional American I can feel where Phil is coming from and understand what he was trying to say that got him banned because GLAAD decided it was their duty to be all up in peoples’ faces like fucking PETA for gay people. Because I’m sure everyone really wants a few “homosexuals” making all of them look like asshole idiots. Didn’t they vote for Obama? The damage has already been done, my friend, but go ahead and make all gay people look like psychotic liberals that one group is.
I’ve never once met a person (because you don’t actually go around like “gay person,” “my gay friend,” etc.) who gave a fuck what anybody in any sort of media said, at any time, about anything. My friends aren’t liberal of course. Even my *gasp* gay friends are conservatives, about as liberal as we get is going to gay bars and walking around the rainbow parades. Because that shit is FUN.

Anyways, I’m getting off topic.

I’m not gay. I’m not great “support” of gay… sex? At least man-sex, haha, because as a female, come on, men are disgusting – can you blame Phil Robertson for preferring vaginas? Because I personally, would take a vagina over a penis any day in terms of not being grossed out. And boobs are hot. Don’t get me started. But the thought of two guys going at it…. *gag* That being said, my gay friends? Guys. I don’t care who they sleep with, I’m not watching! 😉

Stop getting butthurt, because obviously ass sex shouldn’t hurt if you’re doing it right. 
Grow some balls, or better yet, a vagina.
Get off your high horse.
Have a beer, and laugh at the idiots on TV.



As for the whole black thing. It all depends on education. See the Martin Luther King Jr. Episode of Boondocks.

I have awesome educated black friends (whom will scold you for saying “African-american”, they didn’t come from Africa!), but I won’t waste time with those ghetto fuckers walking around with their pants falling off, calling me “ma”, who can’t even speak correctly in any given language, especially English.